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5 Signs On Your Palm Confirming You’re A Witch

by consciousreminder

by Conscious Reminder

The study of palmistry is considered as the scientific reading of our spiritual and physical life.

It can tell us about the romantic prospects and marriage plans life has in store for us as well as reveal our faculties and talents.

Here are 5 signs that indicate a potent witch.

How many palm signs confirm you’re a Witch by birth?

You needn’t possess all the signs. Few marks are actually a reminder of the power that we probably possessed in our previous life. These are known as Witch Marks and signify Witch by birth.

1. The Hidden or Secret Cross

Usually considered the most potent of all the palm signs, the Mystic or Secret Cross is an X-shaped mark placed between the lines of the head and the heart. Those with this palm sign are aware of their powers since an early age.

They naturally possess intuitive wisdom and an understanding of the occult that makes them great witches.

2. The Planetary Psychic Cross

At the bottom of every finger, there is a sign that is called the cross of the Psychic. Now since each finger is also associated with a planet, the cross found on a particular finger can be read in accordance to the symbolic import of the celestial  body.

a. Index Finger.

The index finger is associated with Jupiter and a psychic cross here implies that Jupiter’s good fortune will favor you. You will possess a fine blend of wisdom and power in you. In future, you will become a wise and magical teacher.

b. Middle Finger.

The middle finger is associated with Saturn and is a strict instructor. A  cross here implies that you can learn things through both tough and easy ways though your knowledge of magic will come through your own experiences. Meditation and dream magic will be beneficial to you.

c. Ring Finger.

A cross on the ring finger means that Apollo and Sun have blessed you with the ability to attract whatever you want in this life.

You have enchanting powers and your romantic life can inspire your magical life too. Pleasure gives you enlightenment when you feel sexually active.

d. Little Finger.

The little finger is associated with Mercury that is the powerhouse of all things magical and divine. You’ve been born in the world of magic and are bound to excel in it.

3. The Pyramid, Psychic Triangle

This is a pyramid-shaped sign located at the bottom of the ring finger which means that you may have intentionally or unwittingly blocked your powers. This happens when a magical crime has been performed in the past and has created a bad karma.

The pyramid is like a psychic jail that has imprisoned our magic. It may also imply that somebody else is in possession of our powers and we have enemies from our previous lives.

However, through the magic of love and forgiveness, we can retain our power. A ceremony to break the spell, clean ourselves, and awaken the magic in us is also required.

4. The mark of the healer

If you have four parallel lines at the foot of your little finger then you are a potential healer. Healers can connect with people and heal them both physically and emotionally. They often take up medicine or psychology as professions and chose to heal people.

These lines can be seen as a blessing from Mercury-Hermes who is the god of healing and communication. Those with 4 or 5 lines are powerful healers, 6 or 7 lines will become healers later, and 8 or more lines have mastered the art of healing in their preceding lives and perhaps this one too. More lines indicate more power.

To become a good healer, you must essentially become an excellent listener.

5. Astral lines of travel

Lines below the base of the moon imply a talent to transcend space and time. The person with these lines can go beyond the astral and physical planes. Those with these travel lines can become great witches.

Magis, Shamans and witches have the ability to travel to the astral plane to communicate with spirits and fairies.

So, if you have any of these signs, you know by now that you are special. So grab your crooked hat and your broom and fly off to your magic land!

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Michelle May 29, 2019 - 8:10 pm

Are these signs only on the right hand? I am right handed but have several signs on my left hand that do not appear on my right hand.

Johnny May 31, 2019 - 5:41 am

Wow this was very interesting I did enjoy your article very much. I have a question thou I have than 3 of the 5 signs but what concerned me the most is point number 3 I would love to know more about thiscould you please be kind enough to send me more info plese.

Caroline P. June 18, 2019 - 8:20 am

Using my right hand, I found numbers 1 – 4. I would love to have more info. please. I was born on Hallowe’en and kids in school called me a witch. Imagine after all these years….they may be right.

Thank you for your time.


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