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Do Karmic Numbers Play A Role In Your Life?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Although there are numbers with messages from our angels or our teachers, and also master numbers, there are also the so-called karmic numbers, which are the following: 13, 14, 16, and 19.

Those that are born on these four dates are in this world for a specific purpose, particularly cleaning up karmic aspects in life.

The number 13:

In tarot, this number corresponds to The Arcane without Name, even though a lot of people know it as the letter of Death. However, this doesn’t mean that death is near these people, but it means that they have to learn to release every aspect in their lives that doesn’t serve them anymore. Those that are born in this number have to incorporate the detachment concept.

This number is the symbol of transmutation and transformation. Sometimes, it may be positive, while sometimes it may be a negative process, and that depends on people’s attitude which they actually take in that regard.

These people should also feel the significance of every change and what does it imply. When there is a thing which is not in their life anymore, it doesn’t mean that it is lost, but it means that it is not supposed to be there, hence, it was let go from something which wasn’t for them.

The number 14:

Those people who are born on this date have to learn how to establish their balance in life. In tarot, the number 14 corresponds to The Letter of Temperance. It was actually said that those that are born in this number are often selfish, without taking others into consideration.

Empathy can also occur unconsciously or consciously. That’s why they need to ask themselves how they manage in their interpersonal relationships and if they consider others and the opinions they have.

They should think about whether they are prepared to share or what they would like to share too. Actually, they are earthly-centered people. Their physical world is going to disappear, and everything that will be left is going to be their spirit.

The number 16:

Those people who are born in this number usually have ego problems. They are really proud, even though they can also feel really dissatisfied from the inside.

They typically feel as they have still not accomplished fullness in their spiritual and earthly world. We all know that those who are happy are not the ones that have the most, but they are those who need least.

These people need to learn to pay more of their attention to the material objects or also start incorporating spiritual purposes in them. In that way, they are going to learn to believe in themselves, utilize their intuition and build trust and faith from within.

The number 19:

This number’s key is “One who reaps what he sows.” In tarot, it actually corresponds to The Sun. Its primary objective usually is establishing harmony between giving and receiving, or our beings and the beings of others.

A lot of times, those that are born in this number, are going to feel like they pay for what was done in another life they lived before. However, one important thing to understand would be that beyond this birth date everything which goes back returns.

It will be an excellent opportunity to actually become conscious of their actions from another point of view. Simultaneously, they need to learn how they can take control of their ego’s reactions.

Despite the birth dates, there is also the possibility to clean our karma from other places. Moreover, it is significant to be conscious of our personal karma, as it is a thing which will permit us to change something positively, and such situations are no longer going to be present in our following life.

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