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Five Things You Can Do To Live More Conscious & Spiritual Life

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

In this article, we are going to talk about the five essentials of life which are based on spirit.

Here they are:

Pay attention to what your gut is telling you

That small voice which constantly says “yes” when we speak to strangers, or “now” to job offers is the reliable compass meant for making decisions in some uncertain times. Our gut delivers immediate, clear, and fast messages when we are willing to believe in everything it says. We should permit this small voice that comes from our gut to express itself frequently.

Listen to your own gut

Personal truth’s whispers will come through our feelings. Our feelings are going to tell with instant accuracy what we need in one particular situation. Maybe we have squashed the truth messages down before, but our personal needs will not go away. In fact, listening to all those true feelings of our heart may permit us to address our needs sooner. We are not supposed to ignore such messages. 

Respect your mind

Our mind is the home where every memory of our life lives there, the list that consists of the all-time preferred and favorite beers, and the stack of educational degrees; however, it also pinpoints actualities, liabilities, and possibilities. We should permit the knowledge base of our mind to actually bring out some areas of strategy, commitment, and improvement. We should use our practicality and logic regularly too. And, we should respect what our mind says; however, we should not let our mind to rule over some other senses most of the time too.

Follow your spirit

The eternal wisdom of our soul will always be accessible through the listening connection with the spirit. Some quiet moments related to peace and solitude will bring the answers which cannot be found when distracted, and the beautiful wisdom of the soul is going to pour forth too.

The alignment of the gut, mind, spirit, and heart – Goldmine

Listening, trusting, following, and respecting from each area of our being will lead us to the purposeful action and direction. The compass of the gut, the truth of the heart, the knowledge of the mind, and the wisdom of the spirit will illuminate those paths which are for our best and highest good.

This combination is usually called Pure and Utter Brilliant Path for Life Dream-Making.

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