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What Are Angels Cherubs And How Powerful Are They?

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by Conscious Reminder

The cherubim rank second amongst all the angels and are the biblical protectors of the entry gate to the Garden of Eden.

You might know them as fluffy and chubby winged children that make a regular appearance on cards for Valentine’s Day. In the Bible, they are described as appearing similar to winged men, not babies. Or, sometimes, they look like animals or strange beings having 4 faces.

The Cherubs rank only below the Seraphs in the Angels Hierarchy. They are associated with God’s greatness and the protection of His throne. As such, they are also known as Throne Angels.

In the Holy Scriptures, they also function as guardians who keep Adam and Eve from re-entering Eden, following their fall. This is why they have a strong association with “protection” and warding off evil.

The Many Facets Of The Cherubs

If the sacred texts are taken as reference, the cherubs would appear to be hybrid creatures having both animal and human parts. As such, they may have 4 heads at the same time – an eagle’s, an ox’s, a lion’s, and a man’s head. The popular “baby” image is believed to be an attempt to popularize the Cherubs

The exact origin is shrouded in uncertainty similar to their appearance. Nevertheless, research suggests that the term “kherub” representing Benediction or “being blessed” might have some clues. However, several texts talk about them being shrouded in mystery. The primary reason is their Prince Regent – Raziel is the angel governing mysteries. Raziel in Hebrew means “God’s secret”.

The other Cherubim are Hekamiah, Hariel, Mebabel, Yeslael, Hahahiah, Laoviah, Aladiah, and Haziel. The people whom they rule over usually have common characteristics, like optimistic expectations. Additionally, they are extremely emotional and have stable, deep feelings. They are usually good people who are also loyal, generous, affectionate, and at times, shy. These people have big hearts capable of forgiving a lot.

The Celestial Duty Of The Cherubs And Their Identity

Sometimes, the Archangel Metatron supervises the Cherubs’ work. Their work is to record every deed, word and thought in the heavenly archive of the universe. These teams notice everything that has already happened, that is happening, and that will take place.

Similar to other angels, cherubs suffer when recording bad decisions. However, they celebrate good choices likewise. They are magnificent beings that are much more powerful than what their popular appearance may convey.

There are quite a few Cherubs each with their own influence over the people they choose to look after:

Hekemiah – Looks after those born on April 4th, June 16th, August 28th, November 9th, and January 21st. They usually choose leaders. These people are quick at gaining others’ trust and good leadership spirit.

Haziel – Looks after those born on March 29th, June 10th, August 22nd, November 3rd, and January 15th. They fight evil spirits and diseases. Their people are friendly and have an angelic willingness to help out.

Leoviah – Looks after those born on March 30th, June 11th, August 23rd, November 4th, and January 16th. The protected people are spiritually sensitive and receptive to divine messages. They have a different perspective of the world.

Hahaiah – Looks after those born on March 31st, June 12th, August 24th, November 5th, and January 17th. These people usually have strong personalities but are sensitive and understanding at the same time.

Iezalel – Looks after those born on April 1st, June 13th, August 25th, November 6th, and January 18th. Their characteristics are impressive intelligence and good memory. They usually have logical minds that can bridge both the spiritual and concrete worlds.

Mebahel – Looks after those born on April 2nd, June 14th, August 26th, November 7th, and January 19th. These people love to volunteer and have an innate understanding of the Universe’s laws.

Hariel – Looks after those born on April 3rd, June 15th, August 27th, November 8th, and January 20th. They usually look after simple souls who don’t have much affinity for material items. It is an exceptionally esoteric outlook.

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