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Anything Can Be A Spiritual Experience, It Depends On How You Look At It

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by Conscious Reminder

Not all people believe in combining their spiritual and normal, everyday life together. They think that the banal and unimaginative life ought to stay away from the spiritual side of their lives which provides with a peace of mind and soul.

Spirituality, enables you to imagine beyond the realm of a predictable and prosaic life. However, they fail to realize that the things we do, somewhere holds a spiritual entitlement to it. Spiritualizing your everyday activities, is necessary for a sound body and mind. The few things that you can actually spiritualize are;


Have sex without spiritual attachment to it, may make the thing gruesome and distasteful after sometime. You might end up feeling remorseful about it later on. Having good sex, helps you to heal and reflects positive vibes. You can chose to think about it as something that instills in you, enthusiasm, fulfillment, happiness, without a bit of shame.


Being in a relationship, entitles you to not just connect emotionally and physically, but also spiritually. This spiritual connection is created when you can create a more comfortable space with the other person by asking questions which have a deeper meaning of life attached to it. Making the other person, look into that side of your life, helps you to strengthen your connections with him/her. You cannot have a spiritual connection with everyone. Thus, you need to realize the one with whom you find the solace and comfort to actually explore your spiritual side with.

Social media

People might use the platform of social media as a forum to display the pretense and make believe side of them. However, it is necessary to transcend that realm of shallow show and put forward your genuine ideas and feelings. It does not necessarily has to fit into the generic connotations of good or bad feelings, rather, they should efficiently be genuine and real. You will also realize the people who actually respond to such posts of yours, are the ones who are genuinely interested in the real you.


This essentially seems to be very materialistic, but somewhere, even materialistic things are the ones that require some amount of earthliness to make it more approachable. Try conducting your monetary affairs with care and generosity. This is an essential method of making your work, successful.  Sharing is caring, generosity and humility, makes your approach more endearing than anything else.


Your appearance speaks a lot about you as a person. It depends on how you try to present yourself before the world. Being authentic in whatever you choose or wear is the key to an ushering and confident personality. Try to authenticate your closet and refrain from imitating. Do not keep things that make you feel stuck or depressed or holds you back.


Food is one of the prominent aspects of knowing one’s identity. As such it may stand as a representative of not only a person, but also a nation at large. What you choose to consume, is up to you. There is no harm in going out of the stereotype and standing for what you want. You may consume food that you think, heals you, pleases you, makes your body and soul, happy.


Spiritualizing you work is one of the best things to refresh your mind when you are under the pressure of intense work load.  Try to have a positive approach towards things and people in your workplace. Do not stick to your table or cubicle. Try to talk to people, walk for some time. This will make you feel energized and light all day. This also, may help you to do your work diligently.

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