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Are You A Lightworker? Expect To Have Your Will Tested Daily

by consciousreminder

by Conscious Reminder 

We know that good things do not come easy and most of the time, life is not a wish granting factory.

We are constantly faced with obstructions in our paths, anxieties and insecurities of all kind. Things are barely ever easy, but this is proof of the fact that you are headed in the right direction and should be doing what you have been doing. 

If you are a light bearer or the spiritually enlightened or a gifted person and have been going through a lot of difficulties, do not be deterred from your path. This is how it is supposed to be.

A light worker is supposed to help other people who are going through tough times and the only way this can happen is if you are going through some of these issues yourself. There is only one way to understand other people’s pain – experiencing it yourself.

The pain need not always be emotional, it can be physical as well. One might think that a spiritually enlightened person would be free of physical ailments but that is not true, at all. The world might seem big, bad and unfair to you, and it probably is, but it is also a teacher. 

The difficulties that are thrown your way are not to break you, but to help you build yourself stronger than ever.

Weariness does not take much to settle into our lives but it is our duty to make sure that we do not lose our focus and keep in mind that this is where we are supposed to be and this is what we are supposed to do.

There is a reason for everything. The Universe is not out there to make things worse for us, as it only tries to give us what we truly need. 

So, if you are going through a tough time and feel like things are falling apart, know that they are actually being built up.

The Universe has a plan for you, so believe in it and learn from the difficulties in your path. You will be okay. You are doing well. 

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Ryan Bliss September 20, 2018 - 6:22 pm

Can the universe please take a 2 week vacation at least?… I’m struggling to make sense of everything, especially lately. It’s like a flood of information is coming in faster than I can receive it..

Rick September 20, 2018 - 9:20 pm

This already happened now all is ok


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