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The First Supermoon Of 2022 Heralds 5 Planetary Alignments 

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by Conscious Reminder

June will have very short nights but nighttime will have its own occurrences and beauty including clouds floating to the edge and the first-ever supermoon of the year. 

This June month will feature a celestial meeting of 5 planets followed by seasonal changes as well as 3 of the first supermoons of the year 2022.

The Northern Hemisphere is expected to experience some of the shortest night-times throughout June but there are going to be several exciting celestial occurrences post-sunset. The planetary alignment will be rare and will occur again after decades. 

During the June solstice, we will see clouds coming towards the Earth which is another rare occurrence. These noctilucent clouds float above the surface for almost 50 miles and are considered the highest clouds present in the atmosphere of Earth. They touch the edge of space that starts at 62 miles altitude. 

The shining noctilucent clouds can usually be seen at higher latitudes during the time of the summer solstice owing to the sun’s angle prior to sunrise and post-sunset. Under appropriate conditions, noctilucent clouds are frequently seen in the northern United States including Michigan and Oregon. 

Mark your calendar for these exciting astronomical events in June: 

Supermoon Returns: June 13th-14th  

Out of the 3 supermoons expected to occur this year, this is going to be the first. It will occur towards mid-June. This supermoon will also be going to be the 1st full moon in almost a year. 

A supermoon can be defined as a full moon but it appears to be a bit larger and brighter than usual. Nonetheless, it is very difficult to differentiate between an ordinary full moon and a supermoon without comparing them with clear pictures kept side by side. The previous supermoon was witnessed on June 24th, 2021. 

The full moon in June can also be referred to as the “Strawberry” Moon which has encouraged many people to name this special event the Super Strawberry Moon. It is scheduled to happen on the 13th of June which is Monday night and will continue to dazzle people till Tuesday morning on the 14th of June. We can expect the 2nd supermoon to shine bright on July 13th, Wednesday, followed by the third and final one on August 11th, Thursday. 

Summer Solstice: June 21st 

Most places around the globe have already received a glimpse of summertime but the actual arrival of peak summer weather is almost here. The complete change in season is likely to take place during the solstice in June.

June 21st, Tuesday will witness a change in season and the arrival of summer at 5:13 AM EST. The summer after the June solstice is quite different from the meteorological summertime that starts from June 1st each year. 

June solstice marks the beginning of summer as well as the shortest night and longest day of the year all over the North Hemisphere. On the other hand, June solstice steamrolls the beginning of peak winter and the shortest daytime of our calendar year in the southern part of the equator. 

Post-June solstice, Northern Hemisphere will experience shorter days and longer nights till the winter solstice that is scheduled to take place in December. 

The 5-Planet Alignment With The Moon: June 24th 

The world will see a rare alignment of 5 planets and the moon towards the end of June at early dawn. 

The 5 planets, namely, Mercury and Venus along with the Earth’s neighbor, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter will stand in a straight alignment before dawn every morning till the end of June. This two-week celestial event is expected to be the most clearly visible on the 24th of June, Friday. 

Planetary alignment can be seen without any telescope. However, the next alignment of this kind will unfold in 2040 August. 

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