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Virgo Season Has Arrived To Help You Take Charge Of Your Life

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by Conscious Reminder

The stars are bringing a ton of advice for you this Virgo Season, along with new dreams, hopes, and expectations.

We are now getting closer and closer to this astrological calendar’s end, so all our hope is on the final stretch being better than the year so far.

This season will be a race to reap the rewards before Mercury goes retrograde for the third time this year. As such, the stars wish for you to direct your gaze inward and figure out the things you want from those surrounding you.

On August 27th, under the influence of the New Moon, you will be warned and pushed to notice particular issues hidden in front of your eyes. Simply put, you can expect a ton of closing chapters as well as new beginnings so be sure to have some space.

Virgo Season Start Date And Its Astrological Significance

The Virgo astrological season starts on August 22nd and lasts till September 22nd. As the zodiac’s sixth sign, this month will have your emotions running rampant. As a result, you might have to fight the temptations of reigniting former flames or faded friendships. However, as exhilarating as it might sound, you have all the right to pause and think about your future first.

Influenced by its ruler Mercury, this season can make you feel enthusiastic regarding everyday tasks. Seek out how you can help out your dearest and nearest people – it can be small unexpected, thoughtful gestures or even tiny love notes.

Virgo Season will be heavily focused on re-visualizing your life with a more centered approach. As such, self-improvement will definitely be a focus, and it will also provide you with the chance to find your ideal destination in life. Within all this, striving for perfection will also be an opportunity to accept our flaws and imperfections.

Due to the presence of Mercury’s third retrograde of the year, the Virgo season will also be a great time for completing ongoing projects or launching new ones. Progress will be the priority. Mercury retrogrades usually mean avoiding important conversations. However, this time, the effect will be almost the opposite.

On August 20th, Mars will enter Gemini, boosting your persuasive skills. This also means that it will be a great chance for some self-advocating – think promotions. At the same time, also spend some time resting and recharging before the holidays come calling at the doorstep.

Give attention to the areas in life that have escaped focus for a bit. For example, social circles have become toxic. Then try to clear the situation a bit. Near the season’s end, a rejuvenating New Moon will rise and give you an opportunity to start afresh with a clean mind.

The Zodiac Signs That Will Feel Virgo Season The Most

Every sign should be enjoying the 2022 Virgo Season’s offerings. Of course, Virgos will be enjoying the most. The season is particularly nice for the earth signs, in fact. During this season, try to let go of any preconceived ideas or plans. Instead, focus on your playful, carefree side and embrace that personality. Chase the huge dreams that your heart calls out to.

For the airy zodiacs, the season will find you lost in daydreams. So be focused on mindfulness while also ensuring as much time to yourself as possible. Look inside and pay attention to the closest relationships. For the fiery zodiacs, it will be all about self-care – this means wellness plans, doctor’s appointments, and the usual “boring” stuff. For the watery zodiacs, the Virgo season will be encouraging you to raise your sociability to the next level. Take a break from being a homebody.

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