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Every Important Astrological Event Taking Place In September 2022

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by Conscious Reminder

It’s time for all of us to take a long breath and steady our nerves for the approaching reality that 2022’s final third is almost here.

September witnesses the summer’s last sparkles as well as fall’s first flickers. As such, it is replete with major shifts in vibes, including an eventful Mercury retrograde. Get yourself strapped in because September can be a pretty exciting and/or bumpy ride.

The month starts in the middle of the 2022 Virgo Season. As such, the practical energy is perfect for doing the final cleaning of summer. This can mean clearing the closet or purging toxic frenemies. However, the vibe might shift once the Libra season begins, which is also the day of the autumn equinox.

There is an ample amount of retrogrades happening as well during the start of September. The energies will only intensify as the month continues. Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, and Jupiter are already retrograde. Mercury is scheduled to join them on September 9th. Moreover, the auspicious and heavily influential Mars retrograde is also inching closer.

That is just the overview, though. Here are all the details that you will need for the end of summer:

Virgo Vibes As Summer Ends

September’s first couple of weeks encompasses most of the 2022 Virgo Season. This means the focus is on overall wellness, organization, and assessing and following our routines to the T. As summer comes to a close, Virgo energy can provide inspiration for general cleaning of our calendars, home, and unnecessary relationships.

On September 5th, Venus will also enter Virgo. This will add some refinement and elegance to the present cosmic cocktail. As for us, we might be slightly more discerning when it comes to romantic conquests – meaning improved standards when it comes to choosing our partners or what we do with our partners.

Mercury Retrograde Starts On September 9th

This retrograde will last for about 4 weeks, so be ready for the antics. As is usual with Mercury retrograde, this will be a period when we will need to reduce our pace and triple-check everything when it comes to technology, communication, timing, and other logistical issues.

The backspin will begin in Libra, giving us a pre-season taste of Libra energy, although it is slightly wonky. We will be asked to review partnership issues – be it romantic or business. On September 23rd, Mercury will backspin into Virgo, potentially causing annoying schedule snags or mix-ups.

The September 10th Harvest Moon

The Full Moon in September, as well as the full moon nearest to the autumn equinox, will rise in Pisces. This is summer’s last full moon. As such, it will be a fantastic time for making all the summer fantasies bear fruit and harvest them using manifestation. Neptune will also add to it by adding a dreamy fog to this lunation. A positive Uranus connection can make for some surprising revelations or climaxes.

Libra Season & Autumn Starting On September 22nd

Libra will be all about balancing our lives, and Libra season will also be the official start of autumn. It is usually a great time for socializing and nurturing interpersonal relationships. Since it will also coincide with the autumn equinox, everything will be reminding us of the importance of finding equilibrium. Finally, an intense and special alignment is set to happen near the end of the fall equinox – the Mercury cazimi.

Libra Energy & The New Moon

The New Moon in September 2022 will mean a meeting of the moon and the Sun in Libra. The diplomatic Libra energy wishes for peace while the lunation’s energy will push us toward seeking out a comfortable middle ground. Finding out the limits might ask for more than usual effort since Jupiter and Neptune’s influence can make our judgment cloudy. On September 29th, Venus will also step into Libra amplifying our senses when it comes to artistic aesthetics, diplomacy, and partnerships.

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