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September 2023 Astrology Through Dates: Changes Are on the Horizon

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by Conscious Reminder

Welcome to the last third of 2023.

The cosmic skies align to deliver a rare and magical alignment known as a Grand Trine as September 2023 begins. The Grand Earth Trine, which occurs in Earth signs between the planets Mercury, Uranus, and Pluto, will be felt on and off throughout the month and will provide a stabilizing force.

Because of the challenging energies of August, this stabilizing, grounding force will be welcomed. Indeed, it appears that the Universe is allowing us to catch our breath and build some security and structure around whatever has manifested for us. The supportive energies surrounding the Grand Trine will make this easier to accomplish.

Venus also stations direct in September, bringing an end to an incredibly awakening and difficult karmic cycle in our lives centered on relationships. The Equinox also arrives, assisting in shifting the gears and ushering us into a new season.

As the month comes to a close, we have a bright Aries Full Moon, which could herald the start of a major project. It is a potent Full Moon that is also directly related to the months of March and April of this year.

We may have to say goodbye to summer, but there are plenty of exciting cosmic events in store for us. Continue reading for an overview of September 2023 astrology.

September 2023 Astrology

September 3-4: Venus Direct

Venus’ retrograde journey began in July 2023. During this time, issues with our relationships may have surfaced, or we may have found ourselves dealing with money or self-worth issues. We have most likely been on an exploratory journey since this time. We may have had to go deep into our hearts and truth to determine if we are on the right track or if we need to make a change. Often, the changes we feel compelled to make in our lives during a Venus Retrograde involve a relationship. We may need to cut ties with someone or work out why certain themes or insecurities arise in our relationships.

Venus Retrograde directs our attention to matters of the heart and connection. It assists us in reevaluating what is important and what is no longer in line with our values. Certain relationships may flow deeper as our hearts open, while others may need to be cut. The direct station of Venus will be a watershed moment in this journey. On this day, our hearts will be opened to a new level of love and truth, illuminating the path ahead. While Venus stations direct on this day, it will not be out of the post-retrograde shadow until October 8.

…And Just Like That, September 4, Jupiter Retrograde Begins

When Venus returns from her retrograde journey, Jupiter enters his! Jupiter Retrograde is not as common as Venus Retrograde, so its energy is not as potent, but Jupiter in retrograde can expand things we have been ignoring. Jupiter is known as the planet of expansion, and it can expand things from our subconscious and hidden realms when it is retrograde. We can use Jupiter Retrograde energy to confront problems, see finer details, and gain more clarity on the big picture. Jupiter Retrograde can sometimes make us feel overwhelmed or stuck on a specific problem.

It may be difficult for us to break free from the cycle of thought or to see beyond the issue at hand. If you notice this energy manifesting during Jupiter Retrograde, bringing your awareness back to gratitude is a good antidote. Focusing on what you are grateful for can help to alleviate any difficult Jupiter retrograde energies. Jupiter will continue to move retrograde until December 30.

September 6: Mercury Star Point

When Mercury aligns with the Sun, the Mercury Star Point occurs. This is also known as Mercury Cazimi at times. Because Mercury is currently retrograde, its alignment with the Sun will help to clarify whatever the retrograde energies have stirred. If we have been dealing with miscommunications, contract disputes, travel issues, or cluttered thinking, we may find some relief now. Answers are likely to emerge, so pay attention to any messages you receive at this time.

September 7-8: Sun Trine Jupiter

When the Sun and Jupiter are in perfect alignment, it is a magical day. Jupiter is the planet of abundance and expansion. While Mercury is retrograde under this alignment, it is a powerful day to look for the silver lining and keep your spirits up. Maintain your optimism in the face of any outcomes, as they may lead you down a brighter and more abundant path.

September 9: 9/9 Numerology

It’s the ninth day of the ninth month, which unlocks the number code 99. Because 9 is the number of graduation, it may be worthwhile to reflect on what you have graduated from in your life on this day. 9 is also the number of spiritual enlightenment, which we can achieve at each stage of our journey. The path is a spiral, which means we are always learning, but remember to celebrate all of your graduation points since the beginning of the year.

September 14: A Purifying New Moon to Cleanse Your Palette

The Virgo New Moon contains some lovely healing energies. This is the final lunar cycle before Eclipse Season, so soak up the healing vibrations and use them to recharge your mind, body, and soul. The Virgin Goddess, a symbol of autonomy, sovereignty, and inner power, represents Virgo. The Virgo Goddess celebrates our ability to generate resources within ourselves. Under this New Moon, we have the ability to reclaim control of our lives and set the tone for what is to come. While we may not be able to control everything, we can control how we approach things and our attitude in the future.

Uranus, the planet of surprise, is very active during this New Moon, so there may be some unexpected new developments. Whatever news comes our way, remember the Virgo Goddess’ call: we have everything we need within us to navigate the path we’ve chosen. The Virgo New Moon is also a practical energy for establishing structure and routines; you can use it to clear out the clutter and become more organized in all aspects of your life.

September 15: Mercury Retrograde Is Over Party

After being retrograde since August, Mercury finally stations direct. With Mercury stationing direct, there are no more inner planets in retrograde motion. This will result in a significant shift in the accumulation of retrograde energy that we have been experiencing. Retrograde energy can cause us to feel sluggish, uncertain, and as if we’re going around in circles. This is especially true when the inner planets are retrograde. Mercury and Venus, both inner planets, have been in retrograde since August 23, so we have most likely been feeling the effects of this energy. Despite the fact that Mercury will take some time to emerge from its post-retrograde shadow, we should begin to feel some relief from any sluggish stagnancy. When Mercury stations direct, we are frequently given the information we require to get started.

September 15-16: Sun Trine Uranus

The Sun trine Uranus is a positive alignment that can help us be more innovative, think outside the box, and find more freedom. We may be more confident in doing things our own way or challenging the status quo. We may feel a stirring in our stomach, urging us to take a different path or to rely on our inner guidance system. Because Uranus is the planet of change, expect positive changes as a result of this alignment! Uranus is currently in Taurus and will be active throughout the month as part of the Earth Grand Trine. Because Grand Trines are highly protective, we may feel some of that energy manifesting on this day. In fact, the Sun trine Uranus can be the sign of a miracle.

September 15-30: Venus Square Uranus

Venus is still in its retrograde shadow, but it is now aligning with Uranus. Your focus may shift to issues that arose for you in May-July, particularly those involving a significant relationship in your life. Alternatively, your focus may shift to issues concerning money or your sense of self-worth that were brewing at the time. Venus and Uranus combined can produce a volatile signature that calls into question what we thought was true. Secrets may be revealed, or a situation may turn out to be more difficult than expected. On this day, we may be tempted to do something radical, and while we should always give ourselves permission to follow our hearts, we may need to be cautious of our impulses. Venus Square Uranus can also cause abrupt changes in our personal relationships.

September 23: Equinox and Libra Season

The Equinox has arrived! The Equinox is regarded as one of the year’s most significant turning points. We are changing energetically, and the seasons around us may reflect that change. We are entering the season of death in the Northern Hemisphere. We are entering the season of rebirth in the Southern Hemisphere. We go around and around in that cycle. The Equinox also represents a time when the veil between dimensions thins and the planet’s energy grid moves into greater harmony. The healing powers of Mother Nature are more easily felt at this time, so spend time in nature on this day. The September Equinox also marks the Sun’s entry into the sign of Libra. Libra, symbolized by the scales, is a season for finding balance in our lives. Libra is also associated with beauty, so we may be drawn to beautify our lives in some way at this time.

September 29: A Fiery Full Harvest Moon in Aries

The Aries Full Moon is powerful and punchy, and it brings the month to a close. This Full Moon is linked to the Aries New Moon and Solar Eclipse that occurred earlier this year. If you reflect on the manifestations and intentions you set in March and April, you may notice that they are now in full bloom. As previously stated, this is the final lunar cycle before Eclipses begin, so we may begin to feel the rumblings of transformation begin to flow in. This Full Moon is a little volatile in that it contains some fiery energy. Under this Full Moon, we may feel a little headstrong, or our egos may be easily triggered. Before proceeding, it is critical to take a few steps back and assess the situation from a safe distance. Chiron, the wounded healer asteroid, is also very active during this Full Moon, shining a light on any healing that is required in our lives. It appears that we are being called to stop being victims, to stop feeling sorry for ourselves, and to embrace our inner warrior.

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