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Tonight’s Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Is All About Weeding Out The Unnecessary

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by Conscious Reminder

It is futile to resist change, and at this point, anything can take place. The 2022 Full Moon in Taurus will see the explosive chapter ends, perhaps including a couple of twists.

It’s an especially powerful full moon. It will amplify emotions while increasing the pace of long-continuing dramas and push it toward unexpected conclusions. The lunation is going to force stability, albeit the process will be startling, shocking, revealing, noisy, and raucous.

A full moon in Taurus is known to make creature appetites, comforts, and other physical sides of experience the center of focus. During these times, physicality becomes paramount, and it desires what it wants to be within physical reach.

At the same time, lunar eclipses have a concluding vibe as it closes chapters and eject people. However, before that, its light pierces into hidden nooks and reveals issues that need such forceful endings.

Some of these revelations are accompanied by lighting and jolts, some can date back to almost 2 years ago. The aftermath may not be clear either until May of next year.

An Especially Powerful Destabilizing Period

Eclipses are destabilizing by themselves. This one has further help from a tight Uranus conjunct. The stability and comfort-preferring Full Moon in Taurus cannot get a worse partner than this cosmic disruptor.

However, it is not all negative. Firstly, Uranus will zap anything that feels unsettling in any way. Secondly, the disruption has been going on for a while. Uranus’ presence is only a catalyst as the lunation speeds up the dramatic processes.

Since last year began, several dichotomies have been in an ongoing struggle. The contradictions include old and new, structure and disruption, and conformity and individuality.

All of these are a result of the continuing square involving quick-changing Uranus and orderly Saturn. Relationships are the one issue that has been incredibly impacted by this square.

In October 2022, the square finally started separating. However, the planets are still near enough to make a T-square with the upcoming Full Moon in Taurus. This configuration will see neither reason nor emotion has the reigns. Rather, both sides are busy influencing Saturn because of their own distinct agendas.

You can think of it like a weathered tree being hit by a storm and, subsequently, dead branches and leaves plummeting to the ground. The eclipse is only hastening such an inevitable fall.

The specifics might be different, but the primary themes will be constant. Something concrete will force powerful emotions to surge, and sudden concrete changes can take place in regard to desires, money, and relationships.

Topsy-Turvy Amidst A Lot Of Noise

With Mercury residing in Scorpio during this period, the most significant communication is closer associated with vibes than anything uttered.

Nonetheless, the upcoming cosmic configuration is bringing a cellular, instinctual knowing. A sextile between Neptune and Moon is providing intuition with another entry point. This combination can provide an illusory bumper against the jolts.

All this and more will take place in a pretty rowdy atmosphere. Almost everyone will be talking, out of which most may not be helpful. A Retrograde Mars residing in Germany is generating this hubbub.

It is also forming a square with a retrograde Jupiter residing in Pisces. One side amplifies misdirection, deception, and confusion. The other side encourages kindness and compassion. Since both are retrograde, the noise will reveal and reawaken the past.

The concluding parts of the story include how the lunation will carry us beyond the Taurus/Scorpio cycle’s middle point. After this bookend, the next one will be in May 2023.

Perhaps, the last part is the best – the upcoming lunation and the US Midterms are taking place on the same day. The eclipse’s energy for unpredictability and immediately unresolvable races may not be that surprising. 

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