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Ritual For The Summer Solstice On 21st June

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by Conscious Reminder

June 21st is know for being the longest day of the year, as the summer solstice falls on this date. It will be closely followed by Mars, the planet associated with energy and action going into retrograde.

Solstice is the time of reversals, a sort of cosmic turnover event. The Energy during those times is especially beneficial in understanding and utilizing your past for a better future. Take a good long look at everything you’ve seen and experienced so far. These would be your guide for the future. You need to analyze and learn from the past. Accordingly you can decide what all from your past you’d need in your future and what to discard.

Here is a simple Solstice Ritual which you can practice this June:

Ingredients needed

  • Any smudging tool you like, for instance sage or Palo Santo. Whatever seems best to you
  • Candle
  • A pen and paper


1. Light the candle and start your cleansing ritual. You need to cleanse your space as well as  our aura through smudging. It helps if you recite a mantra alongside. Something like- “I am cleansing myself of all my past expectations. I am cleansing myself of all that holds me back.” Believing in the mantra is equally important.

2. Stand still and take deep breaths. With every exhalation, imagine as if you are releasing all the old and stale breath from within you. Imagine every inhalation to be full of refreshing and rejuvenating new air. Keep your mind calm and repeat this step for 6 to 7 times.

3. Now try to introspect. Thing about your past year. Think about what you thought you’d have achieved so far. Were you successful? If not why. Don’t be harsh or judgmental towards yourself. Just observe everything. Think of the ways you could have done things better but don’t belittle yourself for your mistakes.

4. Introspect a little more. Think about what kind of energy you want in your future. Do you want to be happier? More confident? More energized? More calm? Whatever it is, try to zone in on one kind of energy. And write it down. For instance, “I want to feel more confident”.

5. Now is the time to think about what is in your present that is making it difficult for you to feel comfortable confident. Do you think it is because you are not able to prepare better for your tasks? Or is it because your company makes you feel underwhelming and not up to the mark? Try to think of as many things as possible and be sure to write them down.

6. With this list in hand, think of possible solutions. If you think you don’t prepare for situations well, focus on hard work. If the problem is with your company try to maintain some distance from such people.

7. Another thing you need to do is to make a list of things which do make you feel confident. It can be something as simple as cooking a particular dish exceptionally well. Or maybe when you put effort into dressing up for the day. Make a list of as many similar things as possible.

8. Focus on this list and think of how you can make these incidents more frequent. How can you incorporate majority of these things in your daily life?

9. Now set an intention for your upcoming year. This intention should help you in finding the kind of energy you want. For instance it could be something like, “I’d devote 30 minutes every day to prepare myself for the next day so that no one catches me unprepared”.

10. Now close your eyes; put your hand on your heart and repeat this intention to yourself slowly. You also need to believe in your ability to make your intention a reality. Trust the universe.

11. Now blow out your candle. Envision your intention being carried up to the heavens along with the vapors. You can also note down your intention and keep it somewhere where you’d see it every day.

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