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How Empaths Protect Themselves From Having Their Energy Drained

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by Conscious Reminder

Empaths have strengths that are wonderful to develop. These include compassion, intuition, depth, and a deep connection to other people and the Earth. The world needs your gifts more than ever. 

However, being an empath places a lot of responsibilities. Also, it incurs the negative gaze of many individuals, who would like nothing better than to suck you dry of your positive energy.

Empaths with strategic, energy saving tools are unstoppable. You need to learn to protect yourself on every level, so you can live the best version of yourself.

So, how to protect oneself? Physical violence isn’t always the solution to every problem. An empath needs to go deep into himself and the solution would be presented to him.

1. No means No!

No matter how insistent the other person is, refuse. Being an empath, this might be problematic, for you understand and feel them getting sad, but remember, this might be a façade to lure you. Therefore, it is always better to refuse in the beginning, until you are sure of their intentions.

2. System of a Down- Toxicity

As they say, this is disorder.  Eliminate people in your life, whose sole purpose is to pull you down. They are not worth it. Also, they emit an aura of negativity which you could do without. For more info, listen to their song.

3. Solitude is Bliss

Remember one motto in your life- ‘You are alone, and will always be’. This should remind you to want solitude at times, for peace and quiet is what is required to escape the maddening crowd. Recharge that battery of yours, and get back into the game.

4. Don’t be a People Pleaser

You are one individual. Never forget that. You don’t have the burden to help, or please everyone you find. And, to do that, you would have to change yourself into many different forms that would destroy your original being. What would define you then? Nothing.

5. Positive about Life

Life is nothing without positivity. Even if it throws road blocks every minute, look at the ray of hop emanating from the end of the tunnel. Think of the good times that have made you laugh and enjoy life, and get your butt back up.

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