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July 2nd Brings A Potent Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse: Fresh Breath Of Air

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by Conscious Reminder

The Solar Eclipse with New Moon in Cancer, on 2nd July kicks off the second 2019 Eclipse Season. The intense energy of this Eclipse will be like a breath of fresh air.

This Eclipse gives you the opportunity of shaking things up and moving forward from a life of stagnancy.

Identify the areas of your life which need some changes or even those that need a complete makeover.  The energy of this Eclipse will guide you to new upgrades. The new energy will be drawing out new opportunities as well. So all of you must try and be receptive!

The Eclipse falling in Cancer means family life and the home will be of the topmost priority. This may lead to a little personal struggle. You may feel the need to put yourself first and look after yourself only. But remember that you must keep the commitments that you made.

The solution to this struggle can be found in creating new boundaries and making necessary changes which will allow you to give yourself more self-care and self-love.

Cancer, who mirrors the Divine Mother, will urge you to nurture, care for and love yourself. While not everyone has people to nurture them, often the self is sufficient in caring for itself. We have within us the strength to stand up for the things we require and celebrate and honor the loving and intuitive sides of ourselves. This Eclipse will give you the much-needed energy to concentrate on the internal and do what is right.

As potent as an Eclipses can get, it is also the gateway of change. Eclipses are the time when the Universe intervenes to straighten us up and help us be on the right track. The events near Eclipses are often believed as being predetermined and supposed to help us align along with our impetus and a higher calling. Our paths must first be cleared so that the Eclipse is able to usher in new opportunities.

When you face new issues around this time, you can navigate through them by asking yourself who would you want yourself to be, in that particular situation? This technique can be helpful whenever you need to decide on how to behave or act in dubious situations.

The question will guide you to be more truthful with the self and understand the actions and thoughts that are more in touch with the kind of reality you would want to manufacture for yourself.

This supercharged New Moon Solar Eclipse will be coming with great inspirations and opportunities, so be sure to set down your intentions and desires moving forward. The Universe will pick up on your energies and want you to give your best. Allow the energies of the Universe to help to shape your wants into perfect outcomes.

Eclipses are the energies that move you and shake you. They will put you at the appropriate place where you must be. The July Eclipse will open the doorway for you but the onus to take the initial step will be on you. You have to walk through it to harvest the most out of it.

The energy of the Eclipse will be palpable soon but its true potential will only be realized after July 16th when there will be a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn. After the Lunar Eclipse only will you truly understand the Universe’s plans for you.

Here is your opportunity to create a fresh start and try something new or even create a new routine which will be more nurturing for you. Use this New Moon July Solar Eclipse to make the most of the energies that are being sent to you by the Universe!

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