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The Peaceful Harmony Of The Pisces New Moon Will Help You Connect With Your Soul

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by Conscious Reminder

This New Moon, rising on February 23rd, will urge you to dive deeper into the depths of your soul. Sit back, relax, and feel the 70% water that your body is made of. Just like the ocean and sea are affected by the Moon, so is your inner ocean.

The New Moon in Pisces is asking you to observe and feel this effect. Not to judge or do anything about it but just look at it. You will see your dreams, pains, memories and what triggers you. They’re floating in you but they don’t define you.

What happens to us in this lifetime is not us. This New Moon will help you to unlock your intuition and creativity. It’ll connect you to the divine. Being the last zodiac sign, it may also give you a feeling of ending and fulfillment.

The New Moon is also forming a Talent Triangle along with Mars and Uranus. This will create a kind of portal to channel our creative energies. Anything you’ve been wanting to try can be done during this time.

It will also motivate you to go out of your comfort zone and convert dreams into realities. The planet Mars will make you ambitious. It’ll remind you of your worth and help you let go of fears.

Uranus, on the other hand, will make you crave independence and freedom. You’ll be forced to take a leap of faith under its influence.

You have to become conscious and realize that you have immense potential. You are capable of giving something new to the universe by using your talents and gifts.

Try to write down your talents on the Pisces New Moon day. It’ll surprise you to see how much you didn’t know about yourself till now!

Although this time is going to be very fruitful, since Mercury is in retrograde motion things will get a little unclear. You may feel that the beginning isn’t taking place, even when it has.

But things will become clearer as you progress. Just be patient and let your intentions become more fixed. Keep your surrounding space clean and embrace the depths of your own soul.

When you start giving yourself time to discover your soul, you’ll see that this New Moon is talking to you.

You’ll slowly begin to see your talents and potentials. You may not use them all at once, but with time and effort, you’ll be able to unlock them all.

Your destiny will come to the focus as a result of this Pisces New Moon. You must know that the entire universe is there because you see it. You are equally significant and you’ve equal power to change things.

So, use the New Moon’s guidance and discover your new potentials. Slowly but surely, your gifts will start showing up. Happy journey!

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