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This Is What The September 2022 Libra New Moon Has In Store For The Zodiacs

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by Conscious Reminder

Libra season has officially arrived, which also means that the Libra New Moon will be soon upon us.

It will rise on September 25th, Sunday at about 6 PM EDT. Read on to know more about what the lunation will entail for each sign:


Get prepared to hit the reset button on your relationships since this lunation will be full of chances to do so, particularly the closest ones. Regardless of your commitment status, this will be a time of gaining valuable insight and working through one or more pain points.


The September Libra New Moon will support you if you choose to begin new endeavors or refresh your day-to-day routine. You might even be able to reach a big goal during the next months, provided you retain your focus.


The upcoming New Moon will shine the dating spotlight on you. As such, the energy will be helpful for finding new love interests or taking existing relationships to an elevated status.


Do not fight the energy to be a homebody during this season. The Libra New Moon will give you chances to start afresh with new cycles. As such, it will be an ideal time for refreshing the home before the holiday season sets in completely. This can be an emotionally triggering time pushing you toward more stable surroundings.


The Libra New Moon will be highlighting strategic partnerships and unions pushing you toward collaboration. The key will be to be with people with connected goals in their minds. As such, the moon can be a great place to start attracting as well as retaining people with similar ambition and drive.


The Libra New Moon is supposed to be highlighting themes related to stability and finances. As such, it might be an indicator to begin new financial or business ventures with its supportive energy. A plan that lasts for at least six months will be ideal.


As this is your season, the upcoming new moon will be quite a major one. In essence, you will be receiving a double dose of energy that screams “fresh start”, so make good use of it. It will be the ideal period for cleaning the slate and devising a few fresh plans for yourself.


We usually associate new moons with beginnings, but before a beginning must come an ending. As such, this lunation might be true in that case as you will have a lot of dreams of letting stuff go to start over. This is the time to follow up on that.


You may be feeling extra sociable during this new moon. Your friends are expected to play a big role during the lunation so make sure to be outside a lot. Refreshing your presence online will also be a good idea.


The Libra New Moon may be particularly important for you as it highlights your public image and career. This may be the beginning of a long cycle that lasts six months with your largest targets at the end. So being intentional is a must.


Expect an itch to travel during this lunation. Along with that, the event is also a trine with Libra, so the energy will be extra strong for you. Give thought to any trips, classes, or anything else that you desire to take on during the next 6 months.


The lunation will call your focus to issues related to shared resources, taboo, and intimacy. No matter what is presented right now, it will almost certainly unfold during the upcoming six months. So be extra attentive to these areas in life.

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