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Get Rid Of Toxic People Through Energetic Cord Cutting

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by Conscious Reminder

When you make a connection with someone, on a certain level, you create an energetic cord between you two.

These cords can sometimes be good and you would prefer to keep them, but it is not always so. Sometimes they can be harmful to both of you.

These energetic cords can look like a metal chain or a branch from a dead tree. Once you manage to visualize these cords, you will be able to gauge the quality of the energy that you have with the other person.

You can also create energetic cords to certain places. We can look at a tiny example.

Let us imagine that you were not happy in a certain city, so you chose to move to a new one. Things seem to be good initially but you found the earlier patterns repeating again. This might also happen even though there is no reason behind it. This can mean that these cords have tied you to your previous city and to those earlier habits.

Energetic cords might be present anywhere as evident by the observation of recurring patterns or habits, which do not make sense, even if you have altered the place, person, or thing.

Not all energetic cords are negative. You can have a great connection to a vacation you had recently and your mind seems to be present there, always. The vacation spot offers positive energy. Most of your bonds linked with love are positive in nature.

If you ever feel stuck to a certain event then it is extremely useful for you to look for energetic cords. If you feel that the energy is a massive burden, then cut them off to get some relief. You will be able to see certain situations with more clarity and get more insight into your life, once you sever these ties.

Exercises To Cut Energetic Cords And Setting Yourself Free

Let us think about a situation where you have been cut in traffic, which eventually messed up your day. Try to visualize the event. Do you see any cords to the driver?

You must always try to look for the light around you. Then visualize the situation in your mind and look for the source of this negativity, from your perspective.

Most of the stubborn and irritating energies do not emit light, but it is possible to see different colors, as connections are not always positive or negative, in nature.

First, distance yourself from whatever you are connecting to and push them back in your mind. Visualize the driver taking his foot off the pedal and backing up his car. Once you manage to visualize this clearly, you will feel relieved as soon as the distance feels sufficient.

You need to keep doing it until your feel your muscles relax and your anxiety dissipates.

Try to check everything again, after you have set this boundary. Do you see colors around them?

It was seen that once you reset this energetic boundary and keep yourself in a comfortable place, the sources of negativity get healthier. Some things will always stay gray and will not change with whatever you do.

The next thing is to investigate whether you can spot any sort of attachment between the source of this negative energy and your body. Try to check where it attaches itself and how deep has it lodged. You can tell a lot about these connections by looking at where it attaches to your body.

The next thing that you have to do is to be mentally clear that you want to sever this cord.

You can imagine the cord being pulled from the source or it being cut, which will release the victims and will then disappear into thin air.

You can restore your energy and ask the Archangels to heal you in the places where this cord was once attached to.

Try to not think about the situation again and get some rest, as you might reattach these cords again. Do something you enjoy to give a break to your busy mind.

It requires immense self-discipline and strength to stop reflecting on a situation, but you must do this and process your deep feelings. This will eventually break the hold that this situation or person has over you.

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