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Today’s New Moon In Libra Is Urging Us Not To Take Life So Seriously

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by Conscious Reminder

September has, so far, had tons of change-inducing energy.

The beginning was an intense retrograde energy flow, forcing us to reduce our pace to nearly a halt, at times, and re-evaluate and tackle past matters.

Retrograde energy is also known for producing fogginess in our judgments and thinking. It serves to pull our focus within ourselves instead of the external world. The world within us is replete with intuitive knowledge, insights, and wisdom.

September also featured the Equinox – the midway point in a year, according to astrology. It also serves as an energetic turning point. To add to all these, simply getting to September can feel a bit stressful at times since the realization that the year is ending soon starts dawning upon us.

All this flowing and shifting September energy can take a bit of effort and time to get adjusted to, causing us to feel sluggish. However, the needed medicines are always provided to us by the Universe. This time around, it will be the New Moon in Libra.

Rising to its height on September 25th, the Libra New Moon will bring a gentle, expansive, and open energy and a reminder to be balanced. The cosmic tune of this lunation is aligned, harmonious, and sweet, helping us resonate with our highest and true Self’s vibrations.

On that night, question yourself about your energy usage and where and how it is most useful. Our energy is one of the most precious resources. Even in situations we cannot ignore, we have the choice (regardless of their size) as to how we deal with the situations.

Jupiter’s Sweet Influence

The upcoming New Moon sees Jupiter being active, which will make it sweeter. The planet will also add an intense illuminatory effect, giving us a greater perspective and higher clarity about things. With the illumination, Jupiter’s sweetness will ask us to be more focused on the positive aspects, regardless of what it is.

Ancient astrology referred to Jupiter as the Great Benefic since its energy brought about fortune, goodness, and luck. Furthermore, a new moon is believed to be a period for powerful manifestation. With the expansive energy of Jupiter added to this, it really is an amazing chance to call upon our highest wishes and dreams.

Under the upcoming New Moon, be as much intentional as possible about the wishes you want to call upon. Be aware that what you write is your heart’s desires and not your ego’s. And try to keep them slightly open-ended, as we don’t really know how or when the help will come from the Cosmos.

Simplicity Will Be A Focus

The New Moon in Libra’s energies will also ask us to pay attention to simplicity. Be aware of the projects you decide to tackle and try to approach them with a simplistic mindset. Avoid getting swept away by the what-ifs or little details.

The New Moon wants us to focus on our burdens’ lightness and be humorous about the situation if possible. Let yourself be forgiven, and let go of issues that are making your shoulders too heavy. We must simplify our thought processes.

After the Libra New Moon, we will be entering the Season of Eclipses, beginning on October 25th – the date for the following New Moon. This is usually a period of ending, transformations, and new beginnings.

So be sure to absorb the September New Moon’s sweet vibrations. Be aware that whatever feels incomplete right now, or if you feel like you are yet to see the entire story, the season of Eclipses will have the answer. 

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