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Three Spiritual Meanings Of Sighting A Hummingbird 

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by Conscious Reminder

Messages are sent from the universe, and we can find their unique meanings through animals, planets, or numbers.

One such crucial message is sent in the form of hummingbirds. These tiny delicate birds might be spotted at times, and it carries deep meanings. 

What Do Hummingbirds Represent? 

Hummingbirds are the smallest birds on the planet, and they have a lightning speed of beating their wings. In addition, they can fly backward as mentioned in Animal Teachings, a book by Dawn B. Brunke. It must be noted that hummingbirds represent inspiration to achieve the impossible. 

Although hummingbirds are small, they are extremely tenacious and fierce as they can easily attack intruders using their fast-beating wings and elongated, pointy beaks. They were also felicitated as lively and courageous warriors for their ability to drive away bigger birds. 

Personal associations are always useful when finding meaning in animals. Brunke has stated that the 300 varying species of hummingbirds have different connotations based on their habitat, color, shape, and other features. 

Find 3 of the spiritual meanings associated with hummingbirds: 

1. Living Every Moment Of Life To Its Fullest 

Despite the small size of hummingbirds, they have great strength. Brunke says that they inspire and urge us to take advantage of each moment in life. We must appreciate, adapt, and explore life to an extreme extent. Hummingbirds also suggest that every person has a good and bad side to them, so we must focus on the good and spread joy all around us. 

2. Self-love Is A Priority 

Living our life to its fullest capacity will not be possible if we are tired. For this very reason, Brunke has emphasized the essential meaning that stands for hummingbirds which are to rest and balance our activities. She explains that the rejuvenation and restoration period among hummingbirds is vital because upon waking, they are fully prepared for anything. This is why hummingbirds represent a renewed life. 

3. Gain Access To Inner Strength 

The last meaning of sighting a hummingbird is to take advantage of our inner strength. Just like the size of hummingbirds does not matter as they can tap into their deep strength within, every person must also attain strength from what lies within. 

Dream Symbols Of Hummingbirds 

Jordana Van, an animal spiritualist, had earlier explained that the frequent sightings of animals in dreams have a clear message for us. However, it is tricky to interpret them, and dreams with hummingbirds can mean several things. 

Van states that dreams are extremely personal therefore, their meanings are personal and differ from one person to another. Dreams are also portals to show our previous life, and the presence of an animal is significant. The animal might suggest unresolved issues in past lives that must be resolved to attain peace in the present life. 

Hummingbirds can also be sighted in nature like gardens or open arenas, or in our dreams. We must watch them very carefully and try to learn more about them. There are legends and myths about hummingbirds that can tell a lot about their unmatched skills. 

Brunke tells us that hummingbirds can help us understand our feelings if we are alert to realize our surroundings and situation. The patterns and methods of seeing hummingbirds in dreams also hold up a mirror to core feelings and desires. 

Parting Words 

Any animal, be it dogs, cats, or praying mantises, can be associated with spiritual significance. The presence of hummingbirds in our life in the form of dreams or reality is mostly a positive sign. This is because hummingbirds inspire us to go beyond our abilities and tap into our true potential.

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