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Encountering Negative Energy? Keep These Things In Mind

by consciousreminder

In this day and age negativity is more prevalent than at any other time throughout history. Our children are subjected to it at the schools we send them to, our coworkers are always grumbling about something or other on the job, and don’t even think about turning on the evening news! You’ll be rendered suicidal in the space of an hour.

How do we deflect all the negative energy that we are surrounded by every day? How can we stop it from affecting us? Read on:

1. Immediately Identify The Source Of The Negativity

Take some time to think about things and when the source is revealed, do not make the mistake most do and attempt to pull that person into your jolliness in an effort to “help” them. Either sit the person down and talk to them about their feelings and some ways they can maybe overcome those feelings, or be understanding if they don’t want to talk about it. But REMOVE YOURSELF FROM THE EQUATION. You cannot allow negativity to seep in and take over, lest you find YOURSELF being the one trying to jump off the roof!

2. Focus On Solutions, Not The Problem

In the midst of a crisis it can be all too easy to dwell on the problem itself, rather than solutions to the problem. Identify the problem and then break it down into smaller parts that you can easy deal with.

3. Surround Yourself With Positive People

This one’s simple. Why oh why would you make yourself miserable by embracing someone else’s negativity? There are too many awesome, fun-loving, decent people all over the place. Choose them.

4. Accept Possibility And Release Expectation

Don’t let yourself get mired down with thoughts like, “I’m never going to get out of this funk”, or, “Today is going to be depressing again, I can feel it”, How many times are we wrong about a thing and we just make ourselves feel more negative by dwelling on it. Today absolutely could be a great day. No preconcieved notions needed. Go with the flow and see what new fun adventures you can have.

5. Show Yourself Compassion

YES!! Each of us is more deserving of compassion than we want to admit. Forgive yourself for all your past wrongs. None of us is perfect. Give yourself permission to become your own very best friend. Positive self-talk is more effective than people think. Every morning start the day by looking at yourself in the mirror, smiling, and telling yourself three things you love about you.

6. Focus

Don’t let the negativity around you touch your good feelings and your talent! Listen to some calming music and just relax and feel the bad vibes drain away. Think of the good things you are doing or experiencing in your life right now and dwell for just a moment on how they make you feel, and why. No negativity can rear it’s ugly head where there is a ton of love and happiness. Create your own each day.

7. Accept It Or Let It Go

If you can’t accept it, change it; if you can’t change it, accept it. There are clearly things we are unable to change in our lives. So the next best thing, rather than letting them drag us down, is to look at them from a different perspective and find a way to get something positive out of whatever it is. It’s all about perspective.

Look at a thing from a different angle and you may just discover something you didn’t see before. By looking for the good in any situation or anything, you are defeating the negativity that may be trying to creep up on you!

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So Annie became bored and then she began to bark.


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