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What Is The Significance Of The 12/12 Portal?

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Renewal, dear ones, the opportunity to discover and commit every aspect of your being to the process of spiritual purification for the purpose of awakening as a higher dimensional you.

Let us explain! As an energetic being in a physical form you are vibrating at a certain range of frequencies that fluctuate depending on the emotional state of that energy. In the same way, your earth has also been vibrating at a band of frequencies that were representative of her own state of enlightenment as well as a reflection of the mass energetic consciousness of all beings who collectively occupy the planetary space with her.

The 12/12 portal is an energetic doorway through which intense waves of energy of a higher vibration were ushered into the planetary consciousness to further assist the joint awakening of the planet as well as its inhabitants. The planet wanting to sustain herself in the highest way possible has shifted into a physical space where it is now possible for her to receive energetic frequencies that are higher in vibration and are more able to assist her in healing from the abuse she has been subjected to. This re-birthing process was made less painful by the collective heart of the awakened ones who have banded together to spread love and compassion.

Now with the advent of the 12/12 portal there has come a time of of both deep introspection and rebirth as well as renewal for all. The old dense energy that was acceptable when earth was slow and dense is no longer compatible with her now that she has sped up and enlightened her resonance. Therefore, all who wish to seek the higher vibrational frequencies of enlightenment along with her must do the cleansing work that is necessary to raise their own vibration. This means letting go of past behaviors, attitudes and relationships that no longer serve you. This is done not out of fear or judgement with neither condemnation or superiority but because there is a truthful desire of the heart to reach out to source and merge more completely with their divinity.

In order to fully benefit from the upgraded surge of energy that is coming forth from the 12/12 portal each individual who is desiring to increase their vibrational frequency must begin doing work of the heart. They must clear out those places where they store judgements, insults, hurts, doubts and fears and be brave enough to install in their place love, compassion and kindness. Many of you have been running old programs for so many years it will surprise you to comprehend that they are serving your ego perceived highest good. Many of you will declare yourselves source connected only to discover that you were connecting to a higher version of the ego while staying rooted in fear, judgement and condemnation but this is not offered as criticism it is an explanation and a doorway.

When you are ready to truly expand, to spread your wings and enter the highest realms you will have to confront those aspects of the self that have not yet transformed and it is to those aspects that re-birth has been offered. This re-birth or renewal will appear unpleasant to some but look at all that is being presented and cast a loving and not a judgmental eye over every aspect. Therefore, when you feel a period of emotional imbalance and anger, fear or frustration come upon you. When you feel as though you are re-visiting the same situation for the thousandth time, do not despair. There is no need to wait or delve into the realm of shame and blame. The question you must ask at this time is not, “What am I doing wrong?” because it is not the action that is being reviewed. Instead ask, “What mindset will propel me forward out of this situation? How can I let go of any and all negative attachment I have to this situation? And what good aspect of this situation can I find to focus on and give my attention to?” Looking at what you do have shifts and clears negative, stagnant energy that has been clouding your energy field and has forced you to repeat the same circumstances in an endless loop.

Therefore, instead of doing the same thing hoping for a different result look up, look to source and follow the example of mother earth, raise your vibration. Take advantage of this strong energy of intensity that is pouring forth and take a look at the patterns in your life. When a situation triggers you emotionally take a deep breath before you react with your go to behavior. Examine the situation for what it really is, an opportunity to make a better choice, to take the higher road and to free yourself from the old school, knee jerk behavior pattern that you’ve practiced for years.

Take advantage of this energy. When you want to explode with rage take a deep breath and examine why, look at the programs that are running you. When your circumstances appear overwhelming take a deep breath and examine the programs that are ruining you. When you want to cower in fear, lash out in anger or blame something or someone outside yourself take a deep breath and look at the programs that you have chosen as the blueprint for your life. Then take a deep breath and begin applying a healthy dose of gratitude to this 12/12 portal that has ushered in this cleansing energy. Now get busy, get the broom out and start sweeping away old habits, old behavior patterns and old attitudes that no longer serve you. The energy of the 12/12 portal will make this process easier and more effective than at any time in the past so get busy cleaning out all the energetic patterns that no longer serve you.

You cannot carry old baggage into the  new dimensions and these new higher frequencies. Don’t let the past weigh you down. The energy of the 12/12 portal is more than sufficient to help you move forward unencumbered by past patterns.

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Sabrathia Draine December 12, 2022 - 4:53 pm

This touched my consciousness. Thank you.


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