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The Cord Cutting Ceremony

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by Conscious Reminder

When we are in a relationship with someone, especially when the connection is romantic, our energetic cord activates with them. As the relationship takes its course, the emotions and interactions are adjoined onto the cord.

The cord that we are psychically connected has the power to divide energy and send communication in various frequency. Which is a good explanation why are feel connected to our loved one’s emotion and thoughts.

When We Are Happy

We feel happy when the communication we receive through this cord is in good health, but unfortunately, unhealthy emotions and feelings can leave us feeling drained and controlled.

Identifying The Negative Attachment

Here are various emotions you may notice and find challenging in your relationships.

  • You are easily angered and find the connection with this person testing.
  • Just seeing images of them or thoughts about them annoys you.
  • You feel blocked emotionally.
  • You can’t find your purpose, career or the life you want.
  • Financially you are not where you desire to be.
  • The same negative patterns cycle over, and you seem to be attracting similar people romantically.
  • You have relatives you find annoying, and you can’t stand to face them.

The cord will most likely restrict the process of moving forward in your life, creating better relationships and the health you deserve. Trust me it will feel bad cutting this cord or letting go of someone, understand it will benefit both parties at a soul level. Also forgiving them is setting them free and you are the one who deserves that freedom.

The important thing to remember when you cut cords is to set boundaries and not allow that person back. When you say no mean it. Also never permit yourself to be a victim to old patterns and behaviors.

The Cord Cutting Ceremony

This ceremony or ritual is known as ”Cord Cutting”. The sole purpose of this ceremony is to put an end to the connection with that other person.

You will have to carry out this ceremony in a sacred space, the place can be somewhere you are comfortable, be casual or ceremonial as you see fit.

First, prepare by praying or meditating, you can light incense or candles, whatever you feel comfortable with in your spiritual belief.

For this cord cutting ritual, you will require a string, yarn, thread or a cord will work as well. For what color thread you need, black is the preferred color. For the length, a multiple of 9 is preferable.

You will need a photo of yourself and one from the person you would like to separate. Using photos is ideal in this cord cutting ritual. If you don’t have photos, then you can just write your names on two separate papers.

Now roll up the pictures/papers and tie each one to the ends of the string. Use a knife or scissors and snip the cord in the center. As you cut the cord, align your emotion and see in your mind’s eye, you are cutting the energy that connects you both together.

Here are some other ways to make it more efficient;

  1. You can use the candle for your ritual to burn the cord in half. The candle fire represents healing.
  2. Since the candle represents healing, you can dress it up by rubbing it with oil, and you can inscribe it with symbols that may be significant to you.

Once you prepared the candle, light the candle. Visualize yourself as healed and renewed and well. As you cut the cord with the candle flame, see each other as complete and well.

You now have the freedom to revamp your soul and have better healthier relationships in the future. After the ceremony, throw away the two cords separately. Store the photos separately.

Let the candle to burn entirely, allowing the healing energy to take place. Now that your heart has healed you can now go forward in life and love again.

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