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A Practical Generation Of Open Relationships – Have We Forgotten How To Love?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Why is it so difficult to maintain a healthy relationship today?

Why do we keep failing over and over again, when we put so much effort? Why have people all of a sudden become so incapable of maintaining a long-lasting relationship?

Have we forgotten how to love? Or what is worse, have we forgotten what love actually is?

We are not ready. We are not ready to make sacrifices, compromises; we are not ready for unconditional love. We are not prepared to give what’s necessary to make a relationship work.

We want it simple; we want it instant like the coffee we take! We are people who give up quickly and easily.

One obstacle is all it takes to discourage us. We don’t even give our love the chance to grow. We leave, always prematurely.

What we actually seeking isn’t love; it’s a mere excitement and thrill.

We want someone to watch movies and have fun with; just somebody who would make us feel live AT THE MOMENT. And when all the excitement is gone, we realize that no one actually prepared us for a hard landing.

We don’t believe in the beauty of predictability because we are blinded by the thrill adventures provide us with. We have been diving so deep for so long in the busy city life and it leaves no place for love.

We don’t really have the time for love; we don’t have the patience to work on our relationships. We are people busy chasing after our materialistic dreams and again, it leaves no room for love.

We expect to get instant gratification in everything we do the things we post online, the carriers we chose, the people we choose to be with. Don’t be fooled, we still want the big thing in a relationship, like maturity, emotional connection, or a sense of belonging, but we expect all this to happen when we still don’t know a person, and yet it only comes with time, over years, when the bond has grown strong.

Obviously, nothing is worth our time and patience – not even love. We would rather spend an hour with a hundred people than a whole day with only one person. We believe firmly in multiple ‘options’. We are ‘social’ beings. We prefer meeting people thank getting to know them. We are greedy. We suffer to have EVERYTHING.

We get involved with a person as soon as we feel the slightest attraction, and leave at the moment someone ‘better’ shows up. We don’t want to bother to get the best out of our partners. We want them to be perfect. We start relationships with numerous people, but rarely when we give them any chance. We are disappointed with everybody and everything.

Technology brought us so close together, that’s almost impossible to breathe. Our physical presence has been replaced with posts, articles, voice messages, and video calls. We don’t feel the need to spend some time together. What we have is already too much; there is nothing more to talk about – we are out of topics, we have already shared everything.

We are a generation of ‘wanderers’ who refuse to stay in one place for too long. Every dedication results in fear. We believe that we are not cut to be in long-lasting healthy relationships. We don’t want to settle down. Just the thought of doing so brings fear to our bones. It’s so difficult even to imagine spending our lives with only one person. We leave.

We despise permanence and stability like they are some kind of social illness. We want to believe that we are ‘different’ from the other; that we are original, unique. It’s become a new trend not to run in accordance with social norms and standards. We are a generation that calls itself ‘sexually liberal’. Sex comes easy, but loyalty doesn’t. It’s the temporary fulfillment that we need.

Relationships aren’t so simple anymore. There are open relationships, friends with benefits, one-night-stands – there is barely any room for real devoted love in our lives. This generation is practical, it creates its own logic. Sadly, we don’t see the logic in being truly, madly, deeply in love. We wouldn’t fly over the ocean just to see the person we love.

We end our relationships because of the miles that separate us. We don’t feel love, we THINK LOVE. We are a sad, scared generation – a generation terrified of love and commitment; a generation scared of having its heart broken. Unconditional love is something completely alien to us.

What we best do, is hide behind the walls we up in our pursuit of love and happiness but as soon as we get anywhere near achieving it, we run away. All of a sudden ‘it’s too much, we can’t take it’. We don’t want to be vulnerable, we don’t like the risk, we fear exposure…exposure to real, raw emotions. We have become overly careful, too cautious. We don’t appreciate meaningful relationships anymore. We let go of wonderful people just because there are other ‘fish in the sea’.

There is nothing in this world we couldn’t conquer, and yet again here we are struggling with something so natural like LOVE.

Evolution, they say!

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