A Man Sees a Poor Little Girl and Asks God: ‘How Could You Let This Happen’? God Answers…

by Conscious Reminder

Once upon a time, a wise man started doubting God’s kindness.

Whenever he looked around, he only pain and suffering. He felt abandoned, hopeless, powerless…

Once, while wandering around, he saw a little girl wearing nothing but an old shabby dress. She looked like a rugged doll thrown away by some kid who didn’t want it anymore. Those piercing brown eyes, deeper than the ocean touched every corner of his soul.

 Looking at this poor creature, his hear wept:

“Oh, Dear God, how can you let this happen? Isn’t there anything you can do for this wonderful girl?

And then, out of the blue, the answer appeared:

“There is! That’s why you were created!”

Don’t you think this is a lesson for us all?

God is counting on us to help the less fortunate!

So, if you have more than you need or more than you can spend – don’t just collect it- share it!

Shed a bit of light in somebody’s darkest hour!

Be the beacon!

Kindness is contagious! Why not start today…why not start NOW?

Be the good you want to see in people!

It will make you a better and happier person! I PROMISE!

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