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This Is How Your Intuition Is Sending You Signs That You Have United With Your Soulmate

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by Conscious Reminder

Love is a tricky feeling, mostly because it is clouded with ideas we gather from books, movies, and music. We tend to look over the true essence of the emotion because we are so busy trying to chase the ideal situation in our heads.

Keeping all the complications aside, you can actually identify your true love within six months of spending time with them! According to psychologists, this period may be less if you have proper communication with your partner. You may think it is all too muddled, but this is where your soul saves you. Here are 9 signs that will show if you’ve found “the One”

1. It Has Never Felt This Easy

We’ve fooled ourselves for a long time with the notion: love is painful. Of course, like every other good thing, love comes at a price. It is important to note that your mental peace or your physical well being should not be sabotaged in the name of love. Effort is the key to any lasting relationship but it should not bring you down in any way. You must feel like you’re having the time of your life with them and they too want you to prosper. There are no mean games or petty issues, and you feel it’s all coming naturally to you.

2. Honesty Is The Best Policy

The crux of any relationship is trust and absolute honesty. When you understand each other, respect comes without asking and out of this mutual feeling comes clarity. You are clear about your needs, dreams, desires, without playing guessing games with your significant other. There are no dirty lies involved because you have faith in your love and respect one another.

3. You Do Not Tread The Dreary Path Of Doubt

Your past relationships may have triggered your insecurities, made you feel inadequate and vulnerable. You can depend on your partner for sharing your failures and build a beautiful relationship from scratch. The mistakes can be rectified if there’s support. You feel confident and at ease with your significant other.

4. Loving Yourself First

The way you treat yourself becomes the guide for others’ attitude towards you. It is difficult to love yourself at times; this is when their emotions become your cornerstone. You feel appreciated and loved by your partner, which in itself is an amazing feeling.

5. You Dream Of A Future Together

You will make time for each other even when there’s too much in your plate. Everything you do is a step to a future of togetherness and you both work hard for it.

6. You’re Not Closed Off

You both are willing to work on issues without cutting each other off. Yes there will be past baggage but it is important to shed inhibitions before entering a relationship. It is about stripping your soul gradually.

7. You Two Are Best Friends

Love is friendship. If your partner cannot support you when you’re in need, be a shoulder to lean on, or make you laugh, he is not your best friend. Companionship is everything.

8. Future Planning

You two have discussed everything from buying a house to naming a pet to having kids to vacation destinations. This is the foundation of the future. Nothing is ever “too much” because you both are on the same page.

9. They Help You Grow

They help you evolve without asking you to alter your personality. They will bring out the best in you and stick through the worst. It is a mutual process of knowing oneself without hurting the other.

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