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May’s New Moon In Taurus Will Be The Most Powerful Night Of The Year

Turning point time has arrived and the winds of change are blowing in. By the time this May New Moon day is done, the planets will have made some BIG moves.

Uranus will have transitioned into a new sign (Taurus)—which is terrain he hasn’t been in since the 1940’s! On top of that Mars will be throwing extra fuel into the fire as he changes signs (moving from Capricorn into Aquarius). Interestingly enough, the last time Mars moved into Aquarius (the sign that likes to surprise) Donald Trump won the USA’s presidential election.

No matter how you want to slice it, I think it’s fair to say we can expect another SHOCKER again. Hang onto your hats my friends …. the tides are about to turn and there is simply no turning back from where we go from here.

Here’s an excerpt from the May New Moon Article in Member Horoscopes:

Ready or Not Change is a Comin’

It arrives with the May New Moon, taking place on May 15th, 2018 (7:48am EST / 4:48am PST). The hard truth is that this big signal of somthing different isn’t going to tip-toe in— but rather stomp into town like an angry bull. Important shifts will now begin taking place and the sign that hates change most, Taurus, will be front and center. A major universal shift is now beginning to charge out of the gates!

To be honest, the Moon really isn’t going to be the star player on this New Moon — which is ironic since it’s one of her most important moments of the month! The energy that’ll take the front seat will come directly from Uranus — the planet that likes to shock, awaken, surprise & awe. Just a few hours after the peak of this May New Moon, he will be changing signs. A Uranus sign change is a BIG deal and one that should never be taken lightly.

Uranus hasn’t changed signs since 2011 and the last time he did some major volatility came along with it.

Be very aware of the the themes surrounding your life at this moment because it could give you some hints into areas that are about to be awakened– or shocked. Now I don’t want everyone to go running for the hills but at the same time this is an important shift to be in tune with. It’s a major change factor that happens very rarely and when it comes around – I think it’s important to be still and see what comes out of it.

Because by golly something pretty damn big is about to pop. A new 7 year cycle is beginning and it’s bound to come in with a bang (vs. a knock knock) on the door.

There are a TON of possibilities that will come along for this New Moon ride—but the results will likely be something none of us were expecting.
Uranus likes to surprise and everything we thought might happen gets totally thrown out the window when he comes around. With that being said, nobody can stop us from discussing the possibilities — so here we go…..

In order for us to to get a little closer to what may happen during this powerful New Moon, we’re going to have to consider the sign that’s about to get some shock & awe — Taurus. This is a practical sign that comes in and set things straight. Even though it’s represented by the bull it doesn’t like bullsh*t (BS). Taurus wants the hard facts and nothing else.

Save the magical possibilities for someone else. As a result, we can expect something to knock the sense into some area of our life!

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