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Smudging And The Right Way Of Doing It

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Smudging has various purposes. But the most basic role of smudging is in the process of purification.

Most people fail to see how. Skeptics plain deny that burning something could bring purification of any form.

But the truth is, anyone who’s tried smudging even once will agree that it does affect their mood greatly.

Not just that the overall environment of a room that has been smudged is effectively lighter and clearer than the one which hasn’t.

The smoke which comes from smudging is said to have healing properties. One thing is certain, it can trap the negative energy with it and when the smoke clears the room, so does negativity.

All you need is a herb and a bot to burn it in, or if you prefer you can bind together that here in a stick form and use it for smudging.

The herbs

So you have decided to try smudging. Naturally, the next big question is which herb you should use.

There are so many herbs available that you can have your pick. However, more than the herbs there are opinions abound too. Everyone will tell you different things. How one herb is better than the other if you’re trying to meditate and so on and so forth!

And most of the time these pieces of advice would be contradictory to each other. In such a situation do not get confused. You can try using sage, cedar, pine, lavender anything and see which works for you. You can also use them in combination.

The burner

Of course, since we are burning something we would need a vessel which will catch the ash and protect us from the heat.

Any clean plate or an ashtray (preferably new) would do the job. It has become a fad to use abalone shells for burning the herbs in.

Buy it if you want to, but don’t believe anyone who says you can’t do it without it.

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