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What The Cancer Full Moon January 2023 Holds In Store For You

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by Conscious Reminder

The start of a brand-new year can be both intimidating and very hopeful since it is essentially a clean slate full of opportunity.

However, with two retrogrades currently underway (Mercury, the planet of communication, is in a backspin until January 18, and Mars, the planet of action, is moving backward until January 12), launching headfirst into your most ambitious game plans may not only be more challenging than usual to do, but it may also not feel right. And owing to the first full moon of the year, emotions will be running high only days after we ring in 2023, whether that has you feeling disappointed, trapped, emotional, or just plain exhausted. 

This lunation will occur on Friday, January 6 at 6:08 p.m. ET/3:08 p.m. PT in Cancer, the cardinal water sign ruled by the intuitive moon itself, and can provide insightful information about your personal life and family dynamics. You could feel empowered to reevaluate how you balance work and life and to talk openly about deeply ingrained feelings in your closest interpersonal and professional connections. 

Learn To Strike A Balance

The Wolf Moon is not as ominous as it may seem; rather, it is all about finding equilibrium and recharging before the start of the upcoming year. This particular lunation wants to begin things on a practical note, maybe taking a cue from Capricorn season. 

Throughout the year, there will undoubtedly be some difficulties, but this full moon provides the peace we want before the onslaught of cosmic energy.

Mercury and Mars both going backward at the same time may be a difficult pairing that leaves us feeling trapped, fuzzy, and bewildered. We can have a looping thought in our heads or find it challenging to go ahead. We could even believe that every stride we take must be followed by many steps back.

During this Full Moon, this hazy, retrograde energy may seem especially constricting or unpleasant, but being aware of it may help. Release the pressure to commit or make judgments, as well as the idea that you already know the solutions.

Do Not Get Swayed By Your Emotions

All of this retrograde energy is urging us to proceed carefully, to reframe our perspectives, and to take our time finding any innermost secrets that may be buried.

Even though it is cloudy and confusing, it is a great time to go within, reflect, and re-establish contact with all the aspects of yourself that have been neglected. Allow your senses to warn you about any messages your heart may be trying to send.

Every living creature in our world can grow in its genetic code. Everything evolves. All creatures have an inborn, unstoppable need to develop.

Our goal is to grow and expand, and this happens whether we want it to or not. When we can surf the waves of growth, life is much simpler, and we can direct our progress in directions that uplift and inspire us.

As we leave 2022 and enter 2023, growth is unavoidable, and this Full Moon seems to be our spark. As you progress through the Moon’s phases of growth, be kind to yourself and be receptive to where you are guided.

During this Cancer 2023 Full Moon, our intuition is also likely to be at its peak, so trust your gut and pay close attention to any intuitive sensations that arise in your heart, head, or belly.

Instead, take advantage of this Full Moon to think back on the previous year, respect opportunities to improve your life’s alignment, and transform any sensitivities into knowledge, insight, and more compassion.

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