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August Virgo New Moon Is Here To Solve All Our Problems

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by Conscious Reminder

Virgo will be hosting the New Moon on 30th August. And while New Moons are quite possibly the best period to make wishes, or update pre-existing wishes, this New Moon in Virgo would simply bring about magic in the atmosphere.

Most people mistake Virgo for being too practical when in reality it is the biggest idealist in the group.

It simply has the conscious idea of how reality and ideals have a gap between them and makes efforts to narrow it as much as they can. This makes them different.

What Does It Mean?

Not all zodiacs would be equally affected by the motions of the New Moon. But since there are 6 planetary bodies currently in motion amidst the New Moon, you can expect a lot of problems being solved even when not impacted by the Moon.

With Mercury linking up with Juno, we are exactly where we want to be in life. And so is our focus- on things, elements, thoughts, and people that matter. If they don’t, they are immediately cut off.

Mars’s true power comes up through how it places boundaries on our time and energy, preventing us from over-exerting ourselves.

In the meantime, it helps us attain what we deserve- for if it is worth doing it, it is worth doing it right. In all this, Venus is still out there, looking after our true desires.

Although it seems pretty evident that we might be able to achieve anything we set our minds to, we need to understand if we really want that in our current lives.

We need to live what we want. For, the power would keep on increasing, as there will be a Grand Earth Trine, bringing Uranus in Taurus and Saturn/south node/Pluto in Capricorn.

The Uranian Retrograde is all about rebelling against the constraints that we have placed on our own selves.

While the exterior would be a cool sea breeze, we would be facing inner turmoil as we try to break free from the shackles and truly experience freedom. Yet, we can’t simply go full wild, and Saturn is at hand to hold us accountable.

The biggest challenge will actually be the return of the old us, amidst the new us. This would bring in past actions, behaviors, and characteristics that you have tried hard to get rid of.

The Plutonian Retrograde would be there to remind us of how to transform ourselves and how to be certain that those changes would last.

There is also an interchangeable T-square between Neptune and Jupiter. With so many events happening one after the other, it is ascertained that we would be enmeshed with the faith of being correct, but would also have conflicting self-doubts.

You might also feel that you are making a fool of ourselves, but you need to be sure of what you truly want.

But, if your fears aren’t still assuaged, why not try keeping a backup plan in mind, if this doesn’t work out?

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