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Every Zodiac Sign Has A Love Angel Number – What’s Yours?

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by Conscious Reminder

In the field of astrology, angel numbers are simply a sequence of numbers that are repeated. These are usually considered to be messages sent from the Universe.

So, if there is a possibility that you are seeking love around you, the Love Angel Number could help you narrow it down. But before you jump into it, you need to realize something- Love Angel Numbers are different for different zodiac signs.

What Are The Love Angel Numbers For Your Zodiac Signs?


For those under the zodiac of Aries, the Angel Number is 111. After all, when the discussion is about love, this number usually emphasizes its abundance of it. Interestingly, this number also signifies their desire for independence.


Since the second house is your ruler, it should be no surprise to you that your Angel Number is 222. Also, one needs to keep in mind that this number indicates stability in love- or the fact that you inadvertently seek some balance from life itself.


The Angel Number in your house is 33. This is because this number gives a very light vibe that is in sync with your house. The number 3 on its own is quite communicative and playful- and a pair of threes does indicate your choice of partner.


Your house has two Angel Numbers- 44 and 69. The first number highlights the nurturing energy of the zodiac, while the second one refers to the sexual energy of creation that Cancerians are adept at.


For Leo, the Angel Number is 555. This number, in astrology, concerns the matter of the heart. This is also a lively number, so it is bound to be fresh and creative- but around the heart space of the individual.


The number for Virgo is, interestingly, 666. While most of us fear this number wrongly, the number actually symbolizes a very powerful indication of hard work with love. The number 6 is also associated with the planet of love, which is Venus- so this could be a reminder for you to put more effort into your relationships. 


The love Angel Number for this house is 777. The spiritual number is one of the most powerful numbers in the realm, and it usually indicates a very powerful relationship. The number also adds up to 21, which is a ‘two become one’ sort of energy. This number radiates the merging in love. 


The love Angel Number for Scorpio is 888. Scorpios love to dive off the deep end when it comes to matters of the heart. Your definition of love is quite profound, and the number 888 signifies a spiritual union- so it is definitely a good number when it comes to love.


The love Angel Number for this zodiac is 999. The spiritual energy from this zodiac does align well with the free-bird, independent energy that you exude. So if you manage to catch a glimpse of this number, it could mean a massive union or the strengthening of the current relationship.


The number that you should be concerned with is 111. The number one is the universal number of being independent and ambitious. This does make a lot of sense that this number could also bring in a strong and stable support system in your life.


Aquarius, just like Capricorn, is ruled by Satur. Therefore, it wouldn’t go amiss to assume that it craves stability in the form of progress. With this attitude, the angel number for this zodiac sign is also 1111. 


Pisces is a sign of new beginnings. The energy that comes out of the number 000 indicates a new union that is about to come into existence. The other angel number for this zodiac is 1221, which is a reflection of itself as it moves forwards and backward just like all the other Pisceans.

So, what does your Love Angel number say about your zodiac sign? Write to us in the comments below.

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