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This Week Will Be Full Of Planetary Alignments – Get Ready For Inner Changes!

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by Conscious Reminder

This week the planets are going to go crazy. There are many transits that will define the August summer.

The Leo season is on, and you are already taking in the creative and glamorous lifestyle of Leo. But what you are going through right now will amplify with the week of April 5th – just wait and absorb the energy coming upon you.

The Sun will form a trine with the optimistic, growth-promoting and expansive Jupiter on 5th August. You will get a boost of confidence and you will let go of all kinds of inhibitions that you have.

Embrace what you need, what you have in the heart and be hungry for more. You can do whatever you want as long as you can focus the mind on it – use this optimistic energy for yourself.

As soon as the sun makes a trine with the Love planet Venus, you will have an abundance of social life. It’s a wonderful week, full of pampering, so now is the time to get over all past wounds of love and start falling for new people. Let your crushes take you on a magical ride!

When the Jupiter retrograde arrives at its conclusion on 11th August, you will be at the conclusion of your journey. It has been long and tiring. You concentrated on growth from the inside – you preserved a lot of energy within yourself.

Maybe it finally signifies the conclusion of a chapter, or maybe you are walking away from the noise to listen to yourself – gaining more insight about yourself. Don’t get exhausted by working hard in the same project – start shouting Yes to new chances and opportunities.

As Jupiter is going to station direct now, you will expand from the exterior too. But the planet of rebellion and change, Uranus, will go retrograde at the same time. It will bring up a new kind of you – it is the moment for you to rediscover who you are and be free of any kind of attachments.

Leo season will receive a major boost when the planet of communication, Mercury, will combine with the Sun in this wonderful Zodiac sign. It is bringing inspiration to everyone.

It wants you to promote your new ideas to the world. However, you have to be vulnerable – you have to liberate and show yourself to the world. Show who you are and let the world accept you.

The week is going to be wonderful. Are you ready?

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