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Tonight’s Full Moon In Leo Is All About Stepping Into Your Power

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by Conscious Reminder

Some of Leo’s most common associations are center stage, royalty, and glamor.

It is a prideful energy encouraging us to show off our manes while living confidently and gracefully. For this approaching Full Moon in Leo, it will be important to dig deep down underneath and take in the fiery sign’s deeper qualities.

The previous few months have been intense, and the approaching sparkly energy promises to be beneficial. During this lunation, let yourself take the spotlight in all your shining glamor. Do things that you truly love.

Enjoy doing stuff that makes you feel unique. The Full Moon in Leo wishes for us to go back to ourselves despite the responsibilities and seriousness weighing down. The moon is pushing to brightly display the light within us so that the entire world can see it.

Uranus’ Volatility Means No Step Can Be Retraced

Uranus, representing change and awakening, will be active during this lunation, producing a feeling of volatility or uncertainty. The planet is known to make us look at higher wisdom and deeper truths.

It stirs up things so we can gain a new point of view. With this perspective shift, we might want to change stuff or how we approach stuff in life. There may be sudden decisions or final ones regarding how to proceed on issues that have been on our minds.

With Uranus’ volatility, it is likely that the Universe will clearly show us the things in our lives that are unstable. Do not be frightened and avoid acting during this lunation after you hear the call. Leo’s bold confidence, coupled with zero major planetary retrogrades, is a strong supportive boost to pushing forward regarding all our ongoing and future projects.

This lunation is not a period to sit back. Instead, ignite the fire within you and strive forward. Let Uranus’ volatility show you the things that are now unstable. Then act on them to release them or modify them. The Full Moon is surrounded by forward-moving, bold energy. However, it may be essential to be aware of one of Leonine energy’s deeper principles – that of simplicity.

The Simplest Solution May Be The Best

On the outside, Leo appears to be sparkly and grand. However, one of the deeper notes behind the song is to ensure simplicity. Try to avoid getting too enamored with stars and too distracted by gold and glitter.

Rather, try to return to the matters that are the most meaningful and connected with your heart. At times, the simplest solutions and actions may as well be the most profound. At times, keeping life simple while taking the path with the least resistance is what we need to be in an eased state and let the energy of our heart flow.

Regardless of whatever is bubbling beneath the surface during the Full Moon in Leo, always try to return to simplicity. Think about the ways you can simplify a situation while approaching it. Think of how you work using the simplest solution to such situations.

Simply focusing on simplicity while working using your heart can very well make you reconnect with your lightness while returning your inner light. At the moment, that is what the world requires the most.

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