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New Moon Rising In Scorpio November 7th: Forgive And Be Forgiven

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by Conscious Reminder

The November new moon is going to come up soon. And it’s bringing some major changes with it. Not everything will be good for you, but there are certain positive aspects that can help you deal with difficult situations, especially the aspects to Neptune and Pluto.

This New Moon can help you transform through understanding and empathy. It will be a good time to express your meaningful ‘sorry’ to your past experiences with people and try to gain their forgiveness. There’s an interaction with a fixed star that does not bode well.

It might bring loss and allegations, but don’t fret too much over it! You can fight and win over them, for the positive aspects will help you through. There’s also the chance of finding a new love or fixing problems in relationships and making it stronger. Now that’s something for which we can sacrifice a little.


The new moon on November 7th will be at 15°11′ Scorpio. This helps the aspects being made to Neptune and Pluto. But the major fixed star present at 15°20′ Scorpio Sign is the brightest and it will create complications. It’s the brightest star present in the Libra constellation.

The story behind the fixed star

The fixed star Zubenelgenubi is at the exact longitude of the new moon, but since, it is right on the elliptic, it will have an impact. It had the name of Southern Claw in Arabic because it signifies karmic retribution. So if you have done something wrong in the past, be ready to face it again. Even with the new moon there could be disappointments, despair and ruin to the individual and people all around them. This star has a lot to do with delivering justice. So there may be false accusations from opposite sex, or lack of respect or favor among seniors. Don’t worry – if you are in the right, this star would then help you further. Just keep fighting.

So what is the meaning of these aspects for you personally?

This time, the moon will trine Neptune. So if you are suddenly feeling good and generous, blame it on the planets. The need to help someone and do charity will be strong this time – after all, the new moon is based on empathy and consideration.

But the forgiveness never stays only with you though. The New moon has this amazing quality of being supportive of you too and therefore helping you by forming an aim or dream in your mind. So what are we going to do with this mind? The New Moon shall also be there to help you by providing confidence in the success of such a job.

On a romantic level, your partners will grow closer on a spiritual level. Any sexual experience will be loving and tender. Love will be in the air. If you are not dating someone, you might find out someone spiritual as well, generally in group or clubs.

The New Moon will also sextile Pluto and this will help you become more confident about yourself and you reaching out towards your goals. But this is not the strongest aspect as compassion is fused with it which could safely get you ready for a spiritual transformation.

Are there any other aspects?

There are other influences that take place too. One of them is Venus that shall trine Mars. This is good for your social life. If you are lagging behind social meetings, this is the time to go out and socialize. Your friendly side will overpower the need for sex, and you’ll be trying to set up connections. And it’s an amazing thing to do. If you are dating, you might also meet The One – so be wary.

A flux of emotions will rampage in your body when Jupiter quincunx Uranus. There might be a growth in the physical and spiritual department. But the mixtures of confidence and uncertainty, must be tackled by patience and moderation. Please keep yourself in check and don’t be rash.

Jupiter will also trine the North Node and that’s good news. Especially in your love life, a new person coming into your life may be the perfect one. Don’t miss out on that – destinies can come in contact at this period.


Due to the fixed star, Zubenelgenubi, there will be anxiety over loss. The star, however, is not the king. There are other aspects, like Nepture and Pluto, that will help you and set up news goals and fill you with optimism. This new moon can also humble you before others. There’s nothing wrong in that. Just have the strength to follow through.

So have you said Sorry? If not try to do so and recover past problems. And make sure your eyes are set on your goals. The New moon is willing to help you. Best of luck.

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