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Birthmarks And Reincarnation: How Birthmarks Reveal The Wounds You Suffered In A Past Life

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by Conscious Reminder

Researchers studying reincarnation have discovered that some people who died in a traumatic death in a previous life bear the scars of those injuries as a birthmark. A birthmark is a “benign irregularity on the skin that occurs at birth.”

Doctors believe they are caused by an overabundance of pigment cells or blood vessels in one area of the skin. However, doctors are still unsure as to what caused these pigment cells and blood vessels to group in this manner and form birth marks.

Dr. Ian Stevenson, a psychiatrist at the University of Virginia, began studying children aged 2 to 4 who remembered previous lives in the 1960s. Dr. Stevenson was able to demonstrate a direct correlation between how a person died in a previous life and their birthmark now in hundreds of cases he documented.

Could our birthmarks be an imprint of memories from a previous lifetime?

According to Stevenson’s research, approximately 35% of children who claim to remember past lives have birthmarks that can be linked to the wounds of the person they were in a previous life. He focused on children aged 2 to 4 so that their memories would not be tainted by family stories and lore.

He followed strict research guidelines and only looked at cases where the past life memory could be verified with names, dates, and, in some cases, the autopsy report. Stevenson only included cases in his study where the birthmark appeared within 10 centimeters of a previous life’s wound.

Dr. Stevenson began his research by traveling to parts of the world where people believed in reincarnation, so the children felt at ease discussing their past lives with their parents. Reports came in from South Asian Buddhists and Hindus, Shiites in Lebanon and Turkey, and West African tribes. However, he discovered several credible cases in Europe and North America. In Alaska, for example, he studied the cases of Charles Porter and Henry Elkin, who had birthmarks that corresponded to a fatal spear stabbing and a gunshot wound.

Dr. Stevenson’s findings were published in the book Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect: Birthmarks and Birth Defects. He looked into the case of Anurak, a young Thai boy with a birthmark on his right elbow. He is thought to be the reincarnation of his brother, who died in a drowning accident.

Before his cremation, a family member made a charcoal mark on his right elbow, as is customary in order for the soul’s reincarnation to be recognized. Anurak recognized and addressed his deceased brother’s best friend by his nickname at a young age. He discovered his brother’s long-lost scout uniform. Most notably, he was terrified of water.

Dr. Stevenson looked into 18 cases of children who remembered being shot to death in a previous life and had two birthmarks that corresponded to the entry and exit wounds from the previous life in which they were shot.

A Burmese child he studied claimed to be her aunt reincarnated, who died from congenital heart disease. The child had a birthmark in the middle of her chest that matched her aunt’s scar from heart surgery.

Dr. Stevenson investigated one case involving a boy from India named Maha Ram who claimed he was murdered with a shotgun. His past life memories were so detailed that Dr. Stevenson was able to locate the family of the man Maha Ram claimed to have been and view the man’s autopsy report. The results revealed that the gunshot wound and the boy’s birthmark matched.

Another boy he investigated claimed to be a washerman who died after being bitten by a snake on his thigh. His father believed this was a very specific memory and decided to look into it. He went to a section of the village where several washer men lived and was told that a washer man died of a snake bite to his thigh several years ago but that his family had moved away.

Mushir Ali, a young fruit seller, was hit by a tractor in 1980 and died from injuries to his right side, including several fractured ribs. Naresh Kumar was born less than a year later. On the right side of his body, near his ribs, he had a large mark and a depressed area. He started talking about selling fruit and driving a cart as soon as he could.

He was born into a Hindu family, but he claimed to be Muslim and would kneel for prayers when no one was looking. He recalled selling mangoes and even mentioned dying in a car accident when he was only four years old. When Naresh saw Mushir Ali’s father in the village, he approached him and addressed him as father.

The fruit seller’s family found this difficult because they did not believe in reincarnation, but when the young boy was taken to the fruit seller’s home, he recognized all of the family members by name and even mentioned a man who owed him money. The family of the deceased fruit seller then accepted Naresh as their son’s reincarnation.

Dr. Jim Tucker, a UVA psychiatrist, is carrying on Dr. Stevenson’s work. Tucker tells the story of an elderly woman who died in Thailand and wished to be reborn as a boy. Her mother’s neck was marked with a white paste so she could be identified when she was reincarnated.

Soon after, the daughter gave birth to a son who was born with a birthmark on the back of his neck, exactly where she’d applied the white paste to her mother’s neck. Dr. Tucker’s findings have been the subject of several books, including Return to Life: Extraordinary Cases of Children Who Remember Past Lives and Life Before Life: Children’s Memories of Previous Lives.

In several languages, the term “birthmark” refers to “cravings” or “unfulfilled wishes.” Birthmarks were thought to be reflections of the mother’s unfulfilled desires during her pregnancy. According to folklore, they are caused by a pregnant mother’s food cravings, so if she ate a lot of strawberries, her child would have a strawberry shaped birthmark.

Birthmarks, on the other hand, could have a much deeper meaning. They could be soul scars from previous lives’ wounds or surgeries. Several people claim that the birthmark simply faded away after they recalled and healed the memory from a previous life. So go ahead and examine your birthmark. It might just reveal who you were in a previous life.

Learn more: Scientific Reincarnation Evidence by Dr Ian Stevenson

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