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The Upcoming Mercury Retrograde, April 2023, Will Turn Your Home Life Upside Down

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by Conscious Reminder

Retrograde Mercury April 2023 is in Taurus and will last into May, and as the planet of communication retrogrades, you’d better be prepared.

The first day of 2023 marked the end of the previous Mercury retrograde, and Mercury has been direct since then, until now. Mercury going retrograde in April 2023 serves as a reminder that proper preparation prevents poor performance.

It’s hard to believe that the second Mercury retrograde 2023 is already here, with the Mercury retrograde shadow period in full swing. Mercury is the communication planet.

This time, the retrograde begins shortly after the New Moon in April 2023 and the solar eclipse in April 2023. Yes, of all the months in your astrology 2023 calendar, April is about to shake things up a lot. Yeah, maybe check your tarotscope for April 2023 for some extra guidance!

It governs everything in the heavenly realms of astrology, including thinking patterns, reasoning, mentality, and adaptability.

Journalism and publishing, as well as any career involving communication – the print press, books, TV work, and radio – are all associated with Mercury. Within those industries, there is editing and production. Teaching, like sales and marketing, is a Mercurial job. So is negotiating.

Mercury is the messenger of the Gods in mythology, so it is associated with all of our communication technology, including phones, tablets, and computers of all sizes. Headphones, printers, streaming devices, and broadcasting devices are all available.

Mercury is the ruler of two zodiac signs: neat and tidy Virgo and chaotic fun-loving Gemini.

What happens when Mercury is in retrograde?

Mercury is said to be retrograde when it appears to be moving backward in the sky. Unsurprisingly, the planet of communication moving backward can cause havoc.

It happens three to four times a year for three to four weeks each time.

All of the above behaviors, industries, and tools can be affected when Mercury goes retrograde. Our television, phones, and headsets. Uncle Saeed, a teacher, and cousin Jen, who works in radio. Not to mention all the Geminis we know.

During the retrograde period, all Mercurial connections fail, so turn on auto-save and take a deep breath.

When is Mercury retrograde?

The pre-retrograde shadow begins on April 7. Some miscommunication will emerge here and there, but nothing dramatic should occur before the planet goes into a tailspin.

April 21 – Mercury is now retrograde and will remain so for the next three and a half weeks. Take everything with a grain of salt, from job offers to ex-partners returning. We’re living in a surreal era, and strange things are likely to happen a few times a week. Mercury is responsible for anything related to technology, such as your phone refusing to charge or your laptop track pad going on strike.

May 14 – The main event has concluded for the time being. You did an excellent job. Survival is an accomplishment, and we’ve made it! We can begin attempting to restore anything missing from our cloud storage and reestablish friendships that have suffered, but the shadow period will not be over for a few weeks.

May 31 – The post-retrograde shadow is now ending, having cleared up the last of the Mercury issues. Mercury goes retrograde again on August 23, this time in Virgo.

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