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7 Things You First Need To Do Before You Can Reach A Higher Level Of Being

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by Conscious Reminder

The primary level of being is becoming aware or conscious. In fact, it is being finally introduced to this world, dependent on other people, entering society, and realizing ourselves that we can call waking up.

This level is the place where many individuals get stuck, without entirely waking us as who they actually are. They are living without being self-aware and without the ability to happen to this world consciously.

They are living according to the ways in which other people live, following artificial rules, or even believing prejudices without questioning them. They are simply trying to fit into the system.

They are never questioning the system’s purpose or the reason for its existence. They simply follow other people, while other people also follow others.

To reach higher levels of being, and help mankind get entirely unstuck of the advance and mindlessness, we first have to be consciously aware.

These are the seven things we have to do in order to reach higher levels of being:

Take care of our health.

The most significant step we may take in order to accomplish higher levels of being would be taking proactive care of our health and even maximize our energies. The two always come together, as to have greater energies, we have to be quite healthy in order to support them.

Taking the needed care of our health often begins with integrating some healthier habits into our lifestyles. But, exercising, sleeping enough, and eating healthy foods are just the start. Health is something mental, emotional, spiritual, and overall physical.

Transcending old paradigms.

In fact, we inherited the world in which we live by our forefathers. They had their cultures and ways of living. Also, they had societies and technologies. However, all the ways of living and paradigms are actually outdated, retarding humanity’s advancement.

To reach higher levels of being, we should transcend the old paradigms which we inherited from our families. There are numerous pointless customs, energy, and time-wasting behaviors which should be updated. Definitely said, humanity will need an upgrade.


Becoming individuals will be more significant than becoming adults. There are many adults who aren’t individuals. Such adults depend on their families, their jobs, governments, and such things will suck their energies without any apology.

The point here would be not to depend on anyone. Also, the point would be making their own decisions, choosing their own jobs which fulfill them and not those which promise more earnings. The point would be to know what is morally right and also choose their government on the basis of that. The point would be being an individual.

Aligning with our purpose.

In fact, there would be nothing more beautiful and attracting that a person that is aligned, living through his or her purpose. When we look at such individuals, they appear to possess unexplainable energy, liveliness, and zest. They move purposefully, just like they dance.

Our purpose will give us something better than happiness. It will provide us with fulfillment, joy, meaning, direction, and liveliness. To align ourselves with our purpose, we should follow our passions.

We should also try some different things and trust our intuition. Every action that we take out of our inspiration is going to lead us closer to knowing our purpose better.

Mastering our own reality.

Human beings have various superpowers, but they are not aware of most of them. One such superpower is creating our reality.

We can control our reality ourselves. Regardless of the fact if we are conscious of it or we aren’t, we create our own reality. We should take proactive control and after that, master this particular superpower.

We have to understand that we live in our own reality. We control this reality. We decide what significance and meanings things are going to have, what the beliefs we are going to live by will be, what type of individuals we are going to attract, and what rules are going to apply in our reality.

Connecting with our core selves.

One important thing that we can accomplish in our lives is knowing ourselves. When we know ourselves, we are actually connected with our most real selves, and this type of connection will provide us with a limitless supply of personal powers.

When we know our tastes, the truths, and philosophies we see in our lives, the characters, and styles that most resonate with who we are, then our expression to this world will be the most potent one than other versions of us that we may be.

Flawless authenticity.

In fact, this means that we do not trade our authenticity for something else. We accept ourselves wholly and fully, we know who we actually are or what we stand for, we speak our truth, we stand by our actions, and there is nothing that can corrupt our integrity.

Many people live through fake characters and personalities. In reality, they are very different. They believe they hide their real personalities, but they can’t hide who they are from their lives.

They will simply be faker and less them too. This is going to prevent them from sharing their uniqueness and authenticity with this world.

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