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When Money Becomes More Important Than Spirituality: Recognizing A Fake Reiki Master

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by Conscious Reminder

If we talk about the times today, it has become trendy to be spiritual just for the heck of it. It is not knowledge, but the need to show how different and deep someone might be.

It is no lie that human life is filled with difficulties and we often need guidance of the spiritual nature. This guidance has to come from someone who is genuinely attempting to help you but unfortunately, more often than not, people are too selfish to actually do that.

To help the situation above, Pamela Miles, a genuine Reiki master gives tips on how to make sure we don’t get duped by a fake one.


How to know if your Reiki Master is well trained?

Certificates do not really help because there are no universally accepted standards of Reiki education. It is possible that a beginner knows more than someone who has already completed their education. This renders certificates essentially worthless. They stand for nothing if you are new to Reiki or are a Reiki master who wants to have a document that would showcase your abilities.

To solve this problem, Pamela Miles lists a set of questions that one must ask their master if they are new to Reiki.

Ask about the training on each level

It is essential for every stage of Reiki education to be given sufficient time so that they have adequate mastery over it to go to the next level. A First Degree practitioner is a necessity.

How much time was spent on each level

In older days, only selective senior students were allowed to pursue Reiki training but these days there is no such thing. There is much controversy as far as Reiki training hours are concerned, eight to twelve hours on the First and second degrees are adequate but today, most Reiki masters do not teach so you must find out what being a Reiki and the principles mean to them as an individual.

Mode of training

Internet training is nowhere adequate. You have to make sure that their Reiki training was done by a real Reiki master in real time. This makes a huge difference in the quality of training.

Ask about clinical experience

Ask them if they have offered their services to people outside their family and friends. This helps in judging their quality as a Reiki practitioner. Although it is not necessary for a master to be a professional to help you, it is advisable to know about them when they are charging you for treatment.

Location of the sessions

Ask about where the sessions will take place. You need a calm and soothing environment for a Reiki session and good, soft music will always help.


Payment depends enormously on the master and her/his experience. You must not settle unless you find someone who has a payment system that suits you. This might take a while but it is essential that you make an agreement that is beneficial to both parties.

Perspective as a Reiki practitioner

This is to know and gauge how much your practitioner knows. This is where they shine or falter.

If they practice Reiki everyday

This is the absolute DEALBREAKER. It cannot be emphasized enough. A Reiki practitioner who does not practice every day and only considers it a method to heal other people and themselves only when they are not feeling well is not a true practitioner. A professional practitioner has to value it and understand its power herself to be able to help others.

Pamela gives these amazing tips to make sure your healing process is not hindered and you achieve a true state of ultimate well-being.

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