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The Black Moon In Taurus, May 2023 Will Affect These 4 Zodiac Signs Most

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by Conscious Reminder

This year’s Taurus season has been anything but relaxing, thanks in large part to a tumultuous Mercury retrograde and eclipse season.

You probably haven’t had the luxury of fully immersing yourself in the tangible, satisfying side of life in recent weeks — but that’s about to change. The May 2023 Black Moon will encourage four zodiac signs to shift their full focus to reliable, pleasure-seeking endeavors as the season that prioritizes comfort, pleasure, and long-term security comes to an end.

What Is A Black Moon?

A Black Moon can have a variety of meanings, but this month’s lunation is considered a seasonal Black Moon. This means that there will be four new moons this spring season, which occurs only once every 33 months.

When Is The 2023 Black Moon?

The Black Moon, which occurs on May 19 in the fixed earth sign of Taurus, will have a greater impact on fixed signs than on others. Taurus, ruled by Venus, is a sign that seeks pleasure through indulgences — money, food, intimacy, and nourishment — so this group of signs will be focusing on those entities.

Here’s how Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius can expect to be impacted by May’s Black Moon:

Taurus Zodiac Signs (April 20 – May 21)

The sun and moon will align in your first house on May 19, illuminating your instinctive nature and desires. It’s been a hectic season for you, Taurus, but this new moon provides an opportunity for you to realign with what truly matters to you. Use this day to prioritize your pleasure in whatever way you see fit — treat yourself to a nice meal, splurge on a new piece of clothing, or spend time with someone who makes you feel safe and content. Because you’re the main character today, make it all about you and your needs.

Leo Zodiac Signs (July 20 – August 21)

The Taurus new moon this month ushers in new beginnings in your career and professional life, emphasizing your desire for satisfaction and stability. When it comes to your work, you’re less concerned with being the center of attention and more concerned with how you can create something lasting. Now is an excellent time to embark on a new professional path that will validate and stabilize your efforts while also leaving you satisfied.

Scorpio Zodiac Signs (October 21 – November 22)

This month, as the sun and moon conjoin in Taurus, your attention will be drawn to your romantic relationships and partnerships. Scorpio, you’re turning over a new leaf in love, and this lunation is an opportunity to lean into the comfort and stability that your relationships with others provide. Allow yourself to enjoy intimate moments with others right now — it will feel very rewarding.

Aquarius Zodiac Signs (January 19 – February 20)

The sun and moon will bring new beginnings to your home and family life on May 19, with a focus on comfort, pleasure, and stability. You rely heavily on a satisfying environment at home, and the new moon is a good time to re-center your desires in this area. Whether you’re relocating, visiting a relative, or hosting a housewarming, today is the ideal day to unwind in the comfort of your natural environment.

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