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Chiron, The Wounded Healer Is Moving Into Aries And Brings Awakening & Defining Moments

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by Conscious Reminder

A major astrological event is underway. Chiron is departing from its position in Pisces and it is moving towards Aries in first degree on 18th of February. This is the commencement of a 51-year cycle.

Chiron is a sign of awakening and hence it is also called the ‘wounded healer’.  It can bring a major shift in our perspectives and when it is going through Aries, there are many changes that it will be bringing. In history, it has done so back in 1968-1976 and some of the major events took place during this period.

History Of Chiron Movement

According to history, when the last movement of Chiron through Aries happened, there were major changes happening in the world. People were slowly getting over poverty and repression after the world wars.

Then, rock ‘n’ roll arrived with their golden period, bringing in the Beatles, Dylan, and Doors. People were dressing in colorful dresses, there was sexual liberation, and the music and fashion industry were at an all-time high. But when Chiron actually entered Aries, the defining moments happened.

Some of these moments are: the moon landing, foundation of Apple and Microsoft, the first Jumbo jet, Woodstock Festival which featured Pink Floyd and other revolutionary artists, the assassination of Luther King, Vietnam protests, strikes in the Soviet Union and voting for 18-year-olds.

As you can see, there is a kind of awakening that took place with Chiron moving into Aries. Jumbo jets made it possible for people to travel abroad and hence they were afraid of foreigners as well as awakening to new ideas. Technology was at an all-time high and developed the mobiles and computer of today.

Drugs, dance, and sexual intimacy became the motto of the young as we started to accept and give a lot more freedom to people than before. Chiron is accepting and non-judgmental and hence, it is called the ‘Rainbow Bridge’, showing the colors of the rainbow. Different opinions can exist but Chiron accepts all.

Acceptance and Awakening

As a result, Chiron brings a form of equality, something that many people are accepting these days. It brings all kind of opinions and allows them to exist with each other without a problem. New points of views are accepted and integrated into our collective consciousness.

There may be certain vague ideas that are already taking place within you which you can’t yet put in words. It is necessary to listen to different people and form ideas in a well-rounded manner.

If you introduce new perspectives in your life then it might help you to support your ideas and make them clearer. Try to be less judgmental and stop sticking to traditional ideas.

The Promise Or Loss Of The Future

When Chiron finally arrives at Aries, it will be in 2070. We might have solved several issues by then, which include climate change, overpopulation, and others.

Either we are looking at a glorious future or we will pay a heavy price for not being able to control it. Chiron acts like a bridge which will clear the fog of the past and propel us into the future.

Thus, the 18th of February brings a lot of subtle implications. Maybe, the special person you have been waiting for will come to you or there will be new opportunities coming your way. Be positive and let the energy of Chiron become a part of you.

Invite new views and opinions in your life. Chiron is a great equalizer – so don’t pre-judge and allow free flow of thoughts. Then, Chiron will truly bless you.

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