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These Are The Things That Chill You To The Bone, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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by Conscious Reminder

Fear is a natural part of humans evolved out of the survival necessity that helps humans to refrain from taking excessive risk.

Most of us experience fear from a lot of different things and situations. Although, people try to keep their fear as a closely guarded secret but interestingly, we can tell about a person’s biggest fear from their Zodiac Sign.

Here is the list of Zodiac Signs associated with their respective fears.

Aries: Falling

Aries wants to stay on the top of the pyramid and fear losing their status, power, money, fame, knowledge etc. They are afraid of falling in life. They work hard to achieve and to become what they are and thus the thought of losing things is extremely crushing for them.

Taurus: Stepping Out Of Their Comfort Zone

Taurus wants to do things without getting out of their comfort zones. They want stability and continuity and they try to resist change. This turns out to be bad for them in the long run as change is inevitable.

Gemini: Being Truly Alone

Gemini likes to be alone but at the same time, they are very afraid of being completely alone. They are scared that one day everyone will leave them and they won’t have anyone to turn to.

Cancer: Loss Of Loved Ones

Cancer people cannot deal with the loss of their loved ones. You can expect a sea of sadness when such tragic thing happens to them.

Leo: Being Forgotten

Leo wants to be remembered for a long time. They want to be everyone’s eye candy. If people do not give them recognition, they experience a meltdown. They live on attention.

Virgo: Being Useless

Virgo feels proud in being able to do what they do. Their deepest fear is of being useless. They want to do what they do.

Libra: Being Hated

Libra are gentle and loving. They try their best to take care of people and their emotions but when someone do not give them the respect and love that they expect and deserve, then they feel extremely bad. They try their best to be liked by everyone.

Scorpio: Betrayal

Scorpio are loving and passionate people. They love and trust people deeply without thinking twice. Still they are not very fast in putting their absolute faith in someone. But, once they trust someone, they expect the same trust back. They are horrified by the mere thought of betrayal.

Sagittarius: Being Lost

Sagittarius people are travelers and thus they know their ways. They are scared of being lost, both in their journey and in their life.

Capricorn: Embarrassment

Capricorn is extremely sensitive and thus they cannot handle embarrassment and abuse in public. They try their best to avoid such a situation.

Aquarius: Losing their freedom 

Aquarius are extremely free spirited and thus they cannot handle being caged. They are scared of their individuality and their freedom to be taken away from them.

Pisces: Suffering

Pisces people are soft hearted and thus cannot see other people suffering. Moreover, they cannot imagine themselves in a bad situation where they are suffering badly.

So, these are the things that the different Zodiac Signs are afraid of.

What is your fear?

They got it right for us, what about you?

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