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Cutting Ties: 2 Easy Ways To Cut Etheric Cords Of Attachment

by consciousreminder

Attachment is human and ”normal”, especially as parents who must properly guide their child. But know that true love, Divine love is a ”detached” Love. True Love is letting the loved one completely free. Where’s that attachment from?

Believe it or not, the attachment mostly comes from our wounds within, our desires and our fears. Conscious or unconscious, compared to a person or situation, this attachment creates a connection, much like a rope which links us and influences us. Know that these strings are real and have a great influence on us and others, even if we don’t see them. These attachments, conscious or not, even if we are full of good will, exerts on the other, a form of control. When someone needs attention, they pump your energy by these etheric rope. It’s possible that you won’t be aware but you’ll feel the effects: you’ll feel tired or sad without knowing why. This is because the person at the other end of the rope sucked your energy or sent you some toxic energy from these etheric ropes. See that from this perspective, attachment is not coming from love… By breaking the attachment, you don’t reject or abandon the person; you are not divorcing either. You simply select the non-functional part, fearful and dependent of the relationship and the loving part remains attached to the relationship.

Here are two exercises you can do to help cut toxic links that connects you to another while retaining the links of love. You can feel the benefits instantly and see them extend for the next days …

Exercise #1

The first exercise in this love coaching article is designed for the subconscious. This exercise was created by Jacques Martel. This exercise is very unique, i haven’t seen any English books that talk about this exercise. People who tried this exercise had very positive results. You need a paper and a pencil. The first step is to draw yourself as a ”Stick figure”. Write your name below. The second step is to choose someone, perhaps someone with whom you live frustration, something or a situation that is going wrong or that could be better. It could be your partner for example. So you draw that person as a ”stick figure” and you write his/her name. Third step, draw a circle of light around you, like a large bright sun around your ”stick figure”. For your subconscious, this light means you want the best for you. Fourth step, draw a circle of light around the other person. You say to your subconscious that you put that person into the light, which means that you want the best for him or her. Fifth step, Draw a circle of light around you both. Symbolically, it says, ”I want the best for both of us.” Draw a large sun around you both and this without raising specific intention, aside from ; ”I want the best for both of us.” Sixth steps, connect each energy points, wich are called the 7 chakras. So, draw the 7 dots on you and the other person, one on the coccyx, one below the belly button, one on the solar plexus, one on the heart, the throat, to the ”third eye” and one on top of the head. Connect every dots to the same dots of the other person. These links are attachments connected to these 7 different energy centers (chakras). Seventh step, take scissors and cut these attachments lines. Please understand that you are only cutting the attachment and not love. The result, by cutting the attachment cords, is that you leave all the room for love. See image below to understand:(Colors of the strings are optional. Black or blue pen is fine).


So by doing this exercise, your brain registers that you cut all Attachments, conscious or unconscious, to that person. Notice the changes in you and changes in the relationships. You can also practice this exercise with people who passed away, because yes you can always have attachments with them also. You may have feelings emerging by doing this exercise or not. Some people feel heat currents, sensations at the heart or elsewhere. Don’t worry, this is just a release. This indicates that something is happening at a certain level. Don’t try to understand, let things go, consciously or unconsciously, you will have results anyway. We can do this exercise with all the people we want. It’s impossible to have a relationship with an individual, to be in harmony and have no attachment in all the energy centers, so you can practice this exercise with all the people around you. You can also do it with a person who made you feel different emotions, even if you don’t have a direct relationship with that individual. For example, you are angry with the decision Taken from a minister, then you can do the exercise. The fact is that all that exists in the universe is Love, even if it’s not always obvious. But when we judge, it’s like saying to the Universe a message that such person or such gesture is not love. Therefore, the universe will send you a situation in your life to show you that indeed, there was love in what happened. So, if you don’t want to attract ”negative” situation  to understand the negative emotions we feel toward that person, it’s important to detach ourselves. Here’s why this simple exercise can help.

A small parenthesis for this exercise, don’t practice it when you are not involved. You must never interfere in this way, for example, drawing your daughter and her spouse if you are not in this drawing. If a situation is a concern, it’s you who is concerned, so you draw yourself with your daughter and also draw yourself with her spouse.  You can also do the exercise with someone in your life you believe that all is well, you believe that there is no problem, no concerns with that person. Things are going so well that you may not realize the attachments you may have, despite the fact that things are going well, and this can effect you consciously or unconsciously. So, you can do the exercise with your best friend for example. The same exercise can also be done with a situation instead of another person. For example, you want to sell your house. You start by drawing yourself and write your name below. Then you draw a box (a rectangle), which is the situation. Then write the situation in the rectangle: ”selling my house” and write the address of your home for sale. Draw a circle of light around yourself and around the situation (the rectangle). After, draw the great circle of light around you and the situation because you want the best for you and for the situation, for example, you want the right price for the sale. Then draw the dots for the seven energy centers (chakras) and connect them with yourself and the situation, cut the lines of attachments with your scissors. If you intend to sell your house, maybe your attachments are blocking you from selling. Maybe this house is where you grew up or had your children. This can be a lot for you and these attachments can actually block the sale. Be grateful for the moments spent in this house and cut all attachments to start a new chapter.

love coaching exercise cutting cords of attachment


You can do the exercise with any situation indicating that you want the best for you. Another example: Buying a house, you have an address in mind, do the exercise and be open cause perhaps the best for you will be a different address than the one you thought. Another interesting example, you can do the exercise with your ”Yin” and your ”Yang” to reharmonize yourself, to rebalance yourself and accept all parts of yourself. The benefits are also very powerful. Same for your material and spiritual side, you can rebalance yourself by cutting all attachments from one to the other You can also do this with feelings. Example: You happy and you with guilt. Possibilities are endless and the results are very powerful, you end up with more love, more wisdom, more freedom………….

Exercise #2

The other exercise is more spiritual. It’s up to you to decide if it suits you. This exercise is practiced and taught everywhere. You can find it in the book ”How to hear your angels”, By Doreen Virtue. The first step: Sit in a quiet place, relax, take deep, deep breaths. Second step: visualize ropes around you, each one connecting you to someone else. Regardless whether or not you see the person at the end of the ropes. If you feel you need to cut a rope with anyone in particular, you can set the thickness of the rope from the intensity of the attachment you feel. Third step: Pray to Archangel Michael. If you are not comfortable with angels, just send your intention to the Universe. “Archangel Mickaël, I appeal to you now. Please cut the ropes of fear that drain my energy and vitality. Thank you.” Fourth step: visualize Archangel Michael cutting each of the strings with his sword of Light. Feel released from all these attachment. It’s possible that certain strings are tougher than others. Visualize until all the strings have been cut. Fifth step: Visualize Archangel Michael (or your guide if you prefer) setting a vaccum over your head. The vaccum tube slightly inside your head. Then, imagine the vaccum aspirate all your negative energy. Visualize the suction in each of your body parts and your organs. Keep visualizing the vaccum going through all your body parts, even your finger tips and your toes. Sixth steps: Visualize the vaccum mechanism reversing and letting a white and thick light run through the vaccum tube. This light penetrates each part of your body. Imagine this white light filling you up.

Thank you for reading us. We hope this love coaching article helped you in some way. It’s up to you to choose which exercise is best for you. Leave us your comments or your results. Or share your own technique to break the bonds of attachments. Thank you for reading this love coaching article, we invite you to consult our book store and our online courses to go further in the process. Thank you, best regards.

How to Hear Your Angels is a step-by-step manual on how to clearly receive messages from your angels and guides. The material was culled from Doreen Virtue ‘s best-selling book Messages from Your Angel sand from her workshops. Doreen has been assigning this reading material to her Angel Therapy Practitioner™ students for many years, and at their request has compiled the information in this handy book.

This method of cutting cords of attachment is very gentle and noninvasive. It works by dissolving past love connections rather than harshly severing them. There is no feeling of harshness involved and the love and lessons learned are completely retained, so that there’s no need to repeat any negative relationship patterns. You will feel an immediate effect and deep sense of relief during and after the cutting cords ritual that will deepen over time as you allow yourself to heal any unresolved anger or resistance to letting go.

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Karen August 11, 2017 - 2:34 am

This is exactly what I needed today! Thanks to my guardian angels for leading me to this article. I have been praying and asking for a remedy to removing an attachment. I will be completing this exercise and probably both of them. Thank you! I will share with others as well!

Michelle April 4, 2018 - 10:26 pm

Hi, Every time I think of something an article on consciousreminder that directly corresponds to my thought will instantly pop up. Every time. Is that synchronicity? Thank you for your inspiring and instructive articles.


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