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5 Ways to Make the Best of May’s Taurus New Moon

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by Conscious Reminder

The Taurus sign will host the New Moon on May 7/8, 2024. An eco-chic vigor charges the Lunation energy, casting a spell on our lives.

The springtime buds are in full bloom with an array of colorful leaves and flowers. Simultaneously, the New Moon is upon us, demanding that we interact with the alfresco temple of nature. Taurus is an earth sign that represents fertility, indicating a ripe time to sow our seeds, both metaphorically and literally.

This Taurus lunation encourages us to build a strong foundation so we can stay grounded and secure. We must shape our lives efficiently and pragmatically. For this, we need to nourish our bodies with healthy food. Furthermore, we must find a work-leisure balance in order to achieve perfect results.

Budgeting also requires our attention, and Taurus demands close scrutiny of finances. This is the perfect phase to manage our expenses and save more for a steady future.

We have 5 pro-tips to optimize the stable and sensual energy of the Taurus lunation.

I: Micro-Resolution

Taurus nurtures a habit that makes us brilliantly persistent, as well as showing the points that hold us back. Micro-resolutions can be greatly helpful to make lasting shifts, rather than big promises that lose steam quickly.

For instance, instead of making extraordinary summer workout vows, we must make micro-resolutions like taking a short walk every day after dinner. Such promises can cause seismic shifts and lead to positive, long-term outcomes.

II: Tune up Your Throat Chakra

Taurus rules over our throats, and this lunation will free and tune up our voices. This is the ideal time to speak up bravely, sing loudly, and do a live stream. Balancing our throat chakra will help us clearly express ourselves and live creatively.

Chanting improves our breathing, which simultaneously energizes and soothes us. Repeatedly saying a phrase reduces anxiety and depression and boosts immunity. Several forms of meditation and yoga, both live and virtual sessions, offer Taurus-inspired postures that create positive vibrations in our bodies.

III: Work for a Cause

The Taurus New Moon will be ideal for participating in a rally or protest. We must take advantage of this energy for larger purposes. Taurus rules personal values, and we must take a moral stand by donating or working for a cause. This lunation reminds us not to underestimate our influence and to speak up.

IV: Invest in Functional Luxury

Venus, a symbol of decadence and sensuality, also rules Taurus. Naturally, we will develop an interest in the finer things in life. Handmade and customized goods are special, and we must invest in something unique during this New Moon.

Taurus-inspired natural luxury items must be bought, as they will add a rich element to our lives. You can invest in a bespoke kitchen toolset or an exclusive handbag. People on a tight budget can opt to cook something decadent, including saffron or truffle oil, to treat themselves. Taurus is also financially conscious and highly practical. Hence, invest in something lasting and valuable. Make sure your purchase is treasured and used often, because that will bring additional happiness.

V: Focus on Little Things

Every person is looking for stability in life. On the other hand, we are willing to spend some exciting and adventurous time that might potentially turn our lives upside down. Taurus represents security, and this lunation inspires us to turn the mundane into something magical. We can easily find magic in the feel of newly bought fabric, the smell of a loved one, or an old favorite song. We are completely capable of finding magic in little things, especially in this Taurus New Moon.

Savor this Phase

There are numerous green signals throughout this Taurus lunation, and it is totally up to us to make the most of them. Furthermore, we must remember to keep our lives stable while we savor the sensual energy of this New Moon.

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