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Mercury Is Retrograde, But You’ll Survive! This Is How

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by Conscious Reminder

Even though retrogrades of the planet Mercury occur quite regularly, we may still feel intense when they finally arrive.

The day before yesterday, the 5th of March, we entered the first retrograde of the planet Mercury in 2019, which coincides with the New Moon happening today, in the sign of Pisces. Together, the two astrological events are going to make the retrograde unique.

The planet Mercury is the ruler of communication and words. However, Pisces usually has more dark vibes, and there is nothing precise related to it. So, Mercury desires to be direct and clear, while Pisces wants the opposite.

However, with this New Moon, the retrograde will be excellent right when there are difficulties in effective communication.

However, here are the four tips which will help us survive this retrograde of Mercury, and also the following one, as there is definitely going to be the following one:

We have to be patient.

Of course, patience is the most important thing during this period. We cannot precisely foresee what the retrograde of Mercury is going to bring; however, we may expect bumps or changes on the way in front of us.

One thing we may do during a retrograde will be to have our reminder which says that our communication with others is compromised, so it should not surprise us when it happens. If we have some sticky notes on our computer screen, or also calendar reminder to remind us that we are in the retrograde of Mercury, it will be worth it when we try to be more patient.

We should meditate.

The retrograde of Mercury during the New Moon in Pisces will call us to start meditating. Practicing some meditation form will be deeper and richer with the planet Mercury in the sign of Pisces.

Maybe we are finally going to download some meditation application, or take meditation classes, or simply learn to label and recognize our feelings and thoughts right when they arise. Compassion and forgiveness will be the other two ways of harnessing the spirit of Pisces.

This is going to be an excellent retrograde of Mercury, probably the best one for engaging in some kind of forgiveness, regardless of the fact if it is with someone, or with something we do privately.

We should make changes.

People usually don’t understand what a retrograde of Mercury may offer, just because they are bumpy, challenging or clunky. This period of 23 days will change every single thing about how we thought, the ideas we had, or the voices we have been struggling to embody. Any moment during the retrograde of Mercury may be the appropriate time for going within and making changes in our life, so we should not ignore it.

We should honor our life’s horizon.

People usually refuse to make some significant changes at a time of a retrograde of Mercury, such as buying a new car or signing a contract. However, there are also other particular things which they would not do, but they are just a few.

What will be more important for us is that we honor our life’s horizon. So, when the job of our dreams or a life change which we were waiting for appears right in front of us, we should not let this retrograde stop us from accomplishing it.

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