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Numerology Personality Type: Do You Have A Master Number Life Path?

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by Conscious Reminder

According to numerology, most of us will have a life path number that is between 1 and 9.

In other words, they usually have one digit. However, on rare occasions, some may have a life path number known as a “master” one. This includes 11, 22, and 33.

Do you have one of these numbers, and what does it mean for you if you do have them?

Finding Your Life Path Number

For those who are unacquainted with numerology, a person’s life path number is similar to their astrological sun sign. These numbers inform us about our overall purpose, strongest motivations, and the most prominent themes that will occur in our lives.

Calculating one’s life path number is comparatively easy. You only need your birthday. To calculate it, first write the complete birth date, including the entire year. Then, add every digit. Then, add every digit in the resulting number. Keep doing this until only one digit remains.

This single-digit number is your life path number.

The “Master Numbers”

As you keep adding the digits, keep an eye out for the moment there are two digits left. If they are either 33, 22, or 11, then that implies that your life path number is a “master” one.

These numbers, once encountered, are not reduced to single digits in numerology. Their significance is heavier than other numbers. They carry energy that is heavier as well as heftier lessons.

Having a master life path number may imply that your struggles in life may be much more compared to others. However, it will also mean that you have a greater potential and depth in your life.

So, those who manage to overcome the unique obstacles that come with master numbers are believed to encounter big chances for evolution, growth, and higher consciousness.

They are also usually late bloomers because they need to see their journey with clarity and wisdom before sharing them with everyone else.

Numerology considers them to be “master teachers”, as they are rare and ancient souls. Their powerful frequencies can bring massive worldwide change.

As such, here is a brief on the master numbers:

11 – The Psychic

These people are usually psychics, spiritual messengers, and intuitives. When their intuition and life path are attuned, they share their truth and wisdom beautifully among the collective. Some noteworthy examples include Emma Watson, Edgar Allen Poe, and Barack Obama.

22 – The Master Builder

They are the “master builders” or “master architects”. In numerology, 22 is also the number with the most power. They can be extraordinarily productive, abundant, and just be able to make things happen. Important examples are Paul McCartney, Oprah Winfrey, and Brad Pitt.

33 – The Enlightened Nurturer

These people are the embodiment of higher consciousness and unconditional love. This number builds off both 11 and 22 and presents an ultimate path towards unity. As a result, they have the wisdom and intuition of 11 as well as 22’s output capacity. And, their higher consciousness and unconditional love is the knot that ties it all together. Important names include John Lennon, Albert Einstein, and Stephen King.

In Conclusion

Every life path number has its own weaknesses and strengths, and master numbers are no exception. However, while master numbers may face a greater number and more intense struggles, they will also have better chances of being the cause of real change. In the end, they may have the best path towards being most spiritually evolved among all.  

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