Old Souls: Seven Problems They’re Facing

Some of us are just like that. While we were growing up, we didn’t like the other children. Instead we liked talking to grown-ups. They seemed interesting and fascinating to us. We could understand them better than most of our peers. But an old soul doesn’t only mean greater maturity regardless of the age, and unfortunately, there are problems that an old soul must face.

1.It’s hard for Old Souls to stop talking 

Old souls are much more talkative. When they start a conversation, it’s hard for them to finish a conversation. A conversation with an old soul is much more engaging, because they seem “deeper” and more interesting.

2. Their idea of fun is not appreciated by most people

They love sitting by the fireplace, reading books, drinking tea, hugging a tree. For most of their friends going to the disco is the greatest fun. Unfortunately, such an experience is pure torture for the old souls. This is a common a problem that old souls in young bodies share. The trick is to find friends who like the same things, which will create harmony.

3. Loneliness may affect the opportunity to enter a relationship

Old souls find it difficult to go out and find a partner, because they like privacy and isolation more than other people do. They might be talkative and have a lot to say, but as introverts, old souls prefer to be alone instead in company of others. Their introversion affects their social life from time to time.

4. They never really feel at home

This is strange. We can’t really tell why old soul have reincarnated hundreds of times on Earth, and still have a problem feeling at home. The feeling of not belonging to any particular place is present constantly.

5. Have a problem trusting their own intuition

Old souls tend to think logically. Because of that, they find it hard to trust their own intuition. These people turn to logic when it comes to dealing with personal and professional matters. Unfortunately, this is why they don’t see the opportunity when it comes knocking on their door.

6. Old Souls are stubborn and it’s difficult to get to them

Old soul, unlike other souls, have beliefs that evolve slowly over time. They tend to identify and hold to a belief till the end. They are very stubborn and it’s practically impossible to influence them.

7. They understood what many still can’t a long time ago

The world is a home to many newborn souls that are experiencing life for the first time. Old souls are a minority, and their way of thinking and expressing is therefore often misunderstood. Their perceptions of life and advanced points of view make it even harder to accept old souls. But that’s perfectly fine. Old souls have a mission on Earth to be patient with new and young souls. In time, they will reach their maturity as well.

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  1. We never feel home because most interactions are erased so we don’t get caught in old traps ,grooves rythms lessons etc……we come with a heart stained by our previous runs only….that’s why feel so strongly but can’t articulate this easily


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