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Angelic Communication: 10 Reasons Why Angels Are Sending You Signs And Clues

by consciousreminder
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 by Conscious Reminder

Even though it might feel like we are all alone, in reality guidance is never that far away. Our spiritual guides or angels are always around and they communicate with us through signs.

Most of us, probably, don’t exactly know what they are trying to convey, but you must have noticed these signs at some point, most likely when you were in a moment of crisis.

If you don’t know about them already, here are the most common and frequent symbols used by the angels to communicate with us.

  • Seeing repetitive patterns in numbers such as 11:11, 4:44 etc is a sign that an angel is trying to get in touch with you.
  • Coming across feathers unexpectedly and in extraordinary places is another very clear sign.
  • Finding dimes and pennies is a way for your guardian angel to give you a boost and tell you to continue on your path with faith.
  • Coming across rainbows unexpectedly is also a positive sign.
  • Seeing shapes in the clouds is also your angels trying to communicate with you.
  • Experiencing tingling sensations or those of being touched means that higher Vibrational beings are in the vicinity
  • Random pleasant smells out of nowhere, such as flowers on your commute to work is another way in which angels try to get your attention.
  • Another sign is if you see flashes of light in your peripheral vision.

Now that you know the ways in which angels try to communicate with you, it is time to understand why they choose to do so. What are they trying to inform or warn you about:

  1. It indicates that you are on the path of enlightenment and your awakening has made you more observant of the frequency of those who are at a higher dimension than you.
  2. It is a sign from your guardian angels that you are supported in your journey and they are always present to guide you.
  3. Angel signs tell you that you need to have more faith in yourself and your journey every time you are overcome with doubts and misgivings.
  4. It is also a way for your angels to show that you are not alone and helpless as you feel and they want you to forget about these false notions.
  5. They are also trying to protect you and keep you away from harm. If you suddenly get any idea or inspiration out of the blue it is probably the working of your guardian angel.
  6. They also appear during times when you have begun to forget about the true reason for your existence and your individuality.
  7. They are trying to help you heal by addressing and curing old wounds which are getting in the way of you following your true path.
  8. Seeing number synchronicity like 333, 2:22 is a clear message that you are in sync with your true self.
  9. Sometimes we forget how much we are loved and appreciated. Angel signs are here to remind us of that fact.
  10. And the clearest message of receiving these signs is that we are surrounded by angels and it is important for us to listen to what they have to say. When we learn to live in the present moment we will be better able to hear their message

What is to be done now that you recognize angel signs?

Now that you know that angels are trying to communicate with you how do you listen to them and how do you interpret their signals?

Be more aware of your present and stop thinking about what has been and what is to come. Be receptive and have faith that you can listen to their message. And most importantly, be grateful that you have them by your side.

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