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The Connection Between Number 911 & Twin Flames – Endings & Beginnings

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by Conscious Reminder

The number 911 is one of the twin flames, and it has a profound meaning for them and for those that have hopes to find their twin flames.

It is not just a number which helps them to reunite; however, it is the one that represents or helps them promote growth in their relationship.

Here, we will talk about the significance and meaning of the number 911. Also we will talk about how it could be applied to twin flame relationships.

Reunion and reincarnation

First, we will look at this number from a numerological point of view. This number starts with 9, which is a without exception accepted as one of completion and endings, and that is for a lot of obvious reasons.

Also, for the same obvious reasons, another number from 911, the number 1, is the one which represents beginnings, while the repeated number 1 (11) is the one which shows double the significance of the new beginning.

So, within the construction of the number 911 is woven the idea related to new beginnings which spring from another thing which comes to an end.

From this, we may see how it is applied to the relationship of twin flames by taking into consideration how the experience of twin flames looks from the cosmic point of view.

For a lot of people, their twin flame relationships start when they meet the twins in their life. However, from their eternal soul’s perspective, this is simply another iteration.

This is actually strong symbolism; however, it can even represent metaphysical and personal growth between twins.

Ending bad habits, closing some old wounds or burying some old hatchets will help them bring into their lives those new beginnings they have to progress as individuals.

Fear and urgency

In modern times, this number is associated with several unsavory things. First of all, emergency services around many countries in the world use 911 for the phone line.

From this comes the meaning of urgency, which alerts the metaphysical properties of the number.

Moreover, the attacks by terrorists in New York during 2001 also changed this number forever. Such events alert the numerological patterns, and with high levels of fear which this particular event generated, without mentioning the direct and dire consequences for those that were involved in it.

New meaning

For some people, the 911 twin flame number has other different meanings. For a long time, 11 was a number which was believed to represent new beginnings which are more unstable and dangerous.

Therefore, we may take the 911 number to actually hold its secondary meaning – the secondary meaning which signifies warning when seeing this number.

Usually, when something ends, and we start on the following phase of our journey, our excitement for the following phase can blind us to the dangers which lurk.

So, we have to be careful about not being arrogant about our relationship with our twin flame. Although we can feel like we nailed it at the moment, it does not mean that we may slack off.

We should take our autopilot off and engage with our twin flame 100%. We cannot know when new beginnings will take us by surprise.

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