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Darkworker: The Anti-Lightworker

by consciousreminder

The easiest way to arrive at a clear understanding of what is really going on in this polarized world of holographic illusion is to make a simple distinction between lightworkers and darkworkers.

Although we all come from the same Source, the fact remains that not all of us are willing to acknowledge this basic truth. As a consequence, our human family has become a house divided against itself. For, the difference between those who acknowledge and align to the Source of their being and those who do not acknowledge and align to the Source of their being is as different as day and night.

Lightworker is a very prominent term, describing someone who commits their life to make this world a better place. Lightworker has a spiritual connection, so, someone who is a healer or energy worker can be tagged as a lightworker.

The opposite of lightworker is darkworker. However many don’t agree with this categorization because they believe it’s impossible to break up human beliefs into just two, because our human condition is constant and can never be categorized, so essentially a lightworker may do something selfish and a darkworker might do something good.

Whether we can categorize or not, these individuals do exist. Here are some insights on types of darkworkers you may encounter.

3 Types of Darkworkers

– The Darkworker Rebel.

This type of darkworker identifies themselves with the archetype rebel, they are rebelling against the societal norm, they are against anything good, they are religious but accept the dark side, they could be satanist and worship the positive adaptation of Lucifer. Some are professing their freedom from religion and have no interest in any spiritual ways.

– Darkworkers attached to negative alien entities.

We know that negative astral entities exist, and some of them are often attached to darkworkers. These entities influence many people, leading them to create more negative energy in our world. Their influence can be really dominant at times, but in most cases, they just feed off any negativity that exists within us. These darkworkers rely heavily on these negative entities for their purpose and mission, and believe their way is the only and right way.

– Negative Darkworkers (Fear based).

These darkworkers like to fill them self up with negativity, especially fear. This is their propulsion system that motivates them to do whatever they wanted to do. It justifies their actions. However, in most cases Negative Darkworkers only want power over others and not personal power.

What really does lightworking mean?

To begin with, lightworkers will find their path difficult and slow, but there is a great reward at the end, whilst darkworkers might find quick results with undesirable endings. Unfortunately, they believe that the powers they hold are more than enough. However, we, as human beings, have an amazing capacity to do great and there is no greater force in this world than the power of Love and Light.

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Michael October 29, 2016 - 10:39 am

Sad, but all too true. Up-side, simply refusing to change your speech patterns to agree with negative or destructive reasoning works pretty dang well. Can be difficult, especially for empathic people with our desire to validate, but when you won’t agree with negativity you will see the true colors shown. The ignorant will want to move onto more agreeable topics, or perhaps “try to wake you up to the hard reality their life has shown them”. They are wounded and it’s up to you to realize whether or not you have the excess time, energy and resources to heal them, or need to keep a distance and save your energy for those you can successfully aid. The true darkling will eventually become visibly angry and try to bully you into consenting to some part of their poisoned beliefs on life. Simply refuse to give verbal confirmation. YOu don’t have to argue, but if you do speak, only speak that which s true. If you don’t see a way around the “logic” which seems to demand at least some minor agreement, it’s okay to say you don’t have all the answers, but hold to what you do know: that Love and Light are the true Powers of Life, and the problems in our world are the result of too many people, knowingly or not, refusing to allow for conscious connection with that true Power at the heart of the Universe. You can use, as a final defense, “we will simply have to agree to disagree.”It isn’t simply that you have he right to hold to what is true, it’s that if you have developed far enough to recognize what that means, it is your obligation to be the pillar against which others may lean, and the guardian spirit who does not consent that darkness may reign. It isn’t an act of anger or aggression, it is an act of love and of courage. Blessings to all of you, my Sisters and Brothers )0(

Xai Brahim March 28, 2019 - 5:48 am

I am Darkworker (shadow worker), actually both Darkworker and Lightworker have a strong vibe and energy because both come to earth with same mission but toward different destination. The Darkworker, is the one who will bring light, guide and heal the lost soul in the dark side of world. What i describe as a “dark side of world” is a world that human have create to fulfil their personal needed, satisfaction of greedy, revenge and defending them self and for entertainment or fun. Example. Prostitute, Gambling, Drug LGBT ect. This scenario is totally weird and scary for those who not familiar with it. An extra Love, a lots of patient, more thought, more brave is required and the most important thing is… the Darkworker it self need to be more BOLD and GENUINE in their missions so they can survive the challenging . The Darkworker actually is a masters in handling all the dark side of human world. just like the Lightworker experts by handling human normal life problems. In terms to know our “patient” … it is necessary for Darkworker to be one of them and with love and light then slowly bring them out from that world of darkness… any of lightworker willing to do our job? get into trouble, be one of them just to understand them! soul that successfully pulled out from the darkness will be later get back into public, and automatically they will be part of Lightworker life, meanwhile Darkworker need to continue with our mission in the dark side of world. both dark and light are important for this mission. Don’t underestimate each other, as long as we think there is pro and contra between Darkworker and Lightworker… we are not ready yet for this duty.


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