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Soul Mates Within The Family

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

What if Soul Mates aggregate in one genetic family?

Would that be weird or fun?

Does this phenomenon even happen?

Firstly, this does not happen that often. When it does, it is usually in numbers of two or three. The usual number is two, e.g. they would be sister and brother, father and daughter or mother and son or husband and wife.

This is basically because some of these combinations have incestuous tendencies. In actuality, some cases of incest between father and daughter are due to the fact that they are twin souls.

In some combinations, even a feeling of favoritism would arise and this might lead to feelings of jealousy and guilt. If soul mates are there in the family, they might not even know the reason behind their fondness for each other.

Needless to say, the best arena for spiritual practice is in the earthly family. The diversity of souls from different soul groups and the different levels of maturity provide the right mix and background for all the members in the family to practice. A mix bunch of souls means that everyone is on their own different path and journey and the result is that everyone helps each other grow in a better and holistic way.

This is because some souls are at a higher place than the other ones and this can really be good for a family. Now, the important idea here is that the souls in one family usually fall into a vibrational range. Some of them may come from different soul groups and even from different universes. All of this is ultimately related to the idea of Family Karma.

This precipitate evolution is forced upon the family, as they were too tardy and lackadaisical hitherto. The resistance to growth has resulted in the pain and suffering as a wake up call. Therefore, we can now understand the process in the genesis of family karma.

What are Companion Soul Mates?

They are couples from the same group soul and have a very strong relationship even after many incarnations. They may incarnate as husband and wife, brother and sister, father and daughter or mother and son or just mere friends. They aren’t twin souls and even though there love is the strongest among soul mates, it still not close to that of twin souls.

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