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You Are An Empath Already

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By Hillary Dahl

Contributing AuthorConscious Reminder 

Have you heard the phrase ‘when the student is ready the teacher will appear’, the teacher has arrived. So the title of this blog is You are an empath already. Let’s dive deeper in to what this truly means for you and your journey.

In today’s world there is a lot of misunderstanding to being an Empath. This day and age you can see in psychic networks, or Facebook feeds of psychics claiming to be empaths. Well I have some news for all of us out there. We are all empaths, as a human race, we ourselves have the ability to feel and experience emotions. As we grow and start asking questions is when we really start seeing what that truly means. As a psychic myself, it took sometime to realize that in fact each and everyone around me has Empathic abilities, it is just remembering that we do in fact have them. Some of us have developed different abilities like the “clairs” that are here to predict, help and guide others to unanswered questions, or helping them achieve the gifts of psychic abilities themselves.

Let me explain..

Human’s have many layers that are unseen to the naked eye, we are multi-sensory beings. We experience things through touch, sight, sound, taste, and smell. These are the basic five senses, but there are also senses like the sixth sense, which is when your pineal gland is active and open.

When your pineal gland is open you have the opportunity to develop the abilities of Clairvoyant (clear vision), Clairaudience (clear audio /hearing), Clairsentience (clear sensation or feeling),Clairscent (clear smelling), Clairtangency (clear touching),Clairgustance (clear tasting), laircognizant (clear knowing) and Clairempathy (clear emotion).

Most of common society closes off their pineal gland through various activities like drinking, smoking, drugs, and doubt. When we start taking action steps to clean up our pineal gland that includes making healthy actions to clear your head then the pineal gland becomes active, open and ready to explore. Many pineal glands are malfunctioning due to this factor that close them, and also due to our seventh sense, which is clear understanding, has shut down.  When our seventh sense is down or inactive it is mainly because of our mind chatter, situations we grew up upon and absorbed information throughout our lifetime of rules, expectations, and standards that we experienced through our lifetime.

As an empathic person you are able to see and feel others emotions, enjoy life experiences, and have compassion and empathy for one another. In the common human experience everyone has experienced a stroke of empathy in his or her day-to-day life. When we gain the opportunity to understanding how to master emotions, we are better equipped to enjoy these gifts and begin co-creating a wonderful Earthly experience.

But how does this affect you as a person…

Well humans have like I said many unseen layers; we have different aspects to our body. We have our physical body, we have an invisible layer of our body called the emotional body, which in Hindi religions would be called your chakra system, we also have the etheric body which in psychic realms is the connection to Source or God energy. As a person claiming to be an empath psychic they have the ability to connect to your emotional body. Through their pineal gland and lot of mind silence they can hear your thoughts, feel your experiences, answer your deepest questions and allow you to gain understanding to life around you.

Demystifying the empath with in us takes a lot of knowledge, confidence and truth seeking. As a human race we not only absorb information from the people, TV, books and family around us, we also absorb emotional energy. When we cry with a friend, or get fearful of the TV news of what’s going on in the world, our energy absorbs that instinctual feeling and stores it in because we haven’t understood how to look at the feeling unconditionally. Have you ever walked in to a large mall and felt uneasy, felt dizzy, felt overwhelmed. This is because of all the buzzing of energies around you, it’s not a form of social anxiety, it is all the electromagnetic energy in the mall. Have you had a gut feeling that your partner was seeing another person, and somehow your thought got debunked? Well here is some news for you; your gut instinct could be accurate. You might be “picking” up on another’s energy, that is why clear honest communication is key to prevent misunderstandings.

Now before you run off and get upset, please understand that feeling other’s energy, as an empath is quite a gift. As a collective race we all hold on to emotional memory, it is absorbed through our life experiences. We all have layers of this energy in and throughout our body. We carry it, wear it, and are born with it. Just like the genes you inherited from your family’s lineage, you also inherited their energetic story (which is why in 2017 you might seem to see history repeating itself, correct?).

When we were born here to this planet, we had chosen these paths; the situations we experience daily are here to help us remember.

But what are we remembering… We are remembering that we are authentic beings, our own unique self. The stories we absorbed, the emotions we encountered, the TV and news station we watch have in some ways lead us astray. Now there is nothing bad about watching Breaking Bad, or its Always Sunny in Philadelphia we are still here to enjoy this experience as a human.  But we are here to remember that we are in fact all connected, we are here to remember that these experiences each and every emotional experience in our day to day life just has to be looked at in unconditional ways.

Would you like to discover your true authentic light, would you like to dissolve the energy’s you have absorbed in this life time to become your true self, are you ready to uncover your most optimal potential and grow to your wildest dreams.

Let’s start by uncovering the stuff that has dulled it. Let’s make a path that keeps the foundation, but also allows you to make your own set of rules. Let’s take the limits and enjoy the freedom.

Here is an exercise that can help you see that we are all in fact empaths:

1.  Have a pen and paper handy

2.  Take a seated position, in a quiet and undisturbed place

3.  Write out and/or speak this out loud ” I am ready to acknowledge my truth, I am asking my guides and angels from God and the heavenly light to allow me to acknowledge my truth. I am asking for Godly protection as I start to integrate my truth in to this physical body. I am asking for this knowledge to come to me in a safe manner for my brain and body to rationalize and absorb this new information. As I begin my new journey of knowing my truth, I ask of the angels of God to protect me from energies that are of a lower density while I undergo this transformation, I ask God and his angels to cut any energy cords & energy absorptions that no longer serve me, my family or life situations to please allow these energies to dissolve in a way that make the most sense to me. Please align me to people, places and events that can allow this transition to be easy for me, and align to teachers and others that can support this new information to guide me in the right direction on my path. Thank you for this help, guidance and assistance and please protect me from this day forward as I undergo this transformation. So shall it be.”

4.  Take a rest, deep breathe, drink some water and observe your day-to-day life.

Please know that you might become more curious, and have a lot of questions. Please seek out a teacher or guide that is appropriate for you and your journey, one might be coming your way.  

About the Author:

Hillary Dahl is a conscious spirit, Earth Angel Lightworker. That has developed very powerful gifts and knowledge to help the conscious souls awake and learn how to evolve safely and stable to the new Earth. She has claircognizant abilities that has a clear understanding of Earth frequencies, as well as emotional energy. She has the ability to understand the root causes of what and why something is manifesting in your life and the word. She is brought to bring awareness, teach others to awaken to their truth, and bring the world to balance. She is a multi-dimensional healer, metaphysical healer, infinity healer, Reiki Master, Yoga teacher, chakra reader & psychic channeler.

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